Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Without Bric

Today, I found the time to pack up half a balikbayan box and update, sort of, this blog.  Bric is with Mama Rona and Papa Japa shopping in Belz Factory Outlet.  He CHOSE to go with them of HIS own FREE WILL.  Hehehe... So, I have a little more freedom today, except that I'm kinda missing him a lot.  Hehehe...

Yesterday was the first time we left him with Daddy Dic and Mommy Lai for one afternoon.  Again, it was HIS choice, he was wanting to be with Robyn, Riley and Ranger.  Lai convinced me that it was really ok for them to take care of Bric.  I was hesitant... not so much because I thought Bric wouldn't be ok, but more because I was worried for Dic and Lai.  Hahah... Bric is such an active kid and such a teaser.  He will test his limit.

So anyway, while we were out for a few hours to a car dealer with Rod, Zhar, Ate and Japa, Bric was with Lai and Dic.  When we got home at around 8pm, they were filled with funny stories about Bric.  

They talked of how Bric wailed for "Mommy" when he woke up from his nap.  Prior to that he was a good, manageable boy.  Post nap and realizing I wasn't around, he was "nagwala".  Poor baby... I mean, poor Rondic and Lai.  They were trying to appease him.  Then there was once he squatted and let out a loud, foul smelling fart that Dic and Lai thought he made poo-poo.  When they checked the diaper bag, there was but a single wipe left.  hahaha.. Panic time for them.  Lai told Dic to improvise.  Ooopss.. til next time.. Bric just stepped inside the door.  

To friends, happy new year!!! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

With A LOT of help from Family

It's 7:09pm, Thursday and it just snowed yesterday in Henderson, Nevada.  Bric and I, together with Rod and Zhar, arrived last Saturday, December 14 and so far, I'm surviving without a yaya but with a LOT of help from family.  Thank GOD for family!!!

Boydee is set to join us on Saturday.  Counting the days...  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bric turns 2

We're all packed except for Bric's sterilizer and my night kit. We're off tomorrow for MAJOR Mommy-Son bonding to the US to spend Christmas with the Dizon family. I have butterflies in my stomach since I will be yaya-less for almost 4 weeks!!! The long flight alone is making my tummy jumble. But I will have faith!!! And I prayed to God for stamina! Heheh... :)

I am quite excited to spend time with Bric. He is such a bundle of energy! Today, he turned two! We had lunch at Choi Garden with his Ninong Rod and Tita Zhar who kindly bought a birthday cake for him. Ate, Japa and the Gavinos sang the birthday song for him on the phone but they couldn't make it to lunch since they were on their way to the airport to catch their flight to Vegas. Bawi na lang sa States in Chuck E Cheese :)

After lunch, we headed home and Bric took his nap. Boydee and I fixed our Christmas list and gifts. At 4pm, I brought Bric to the Doctor for his check up and typhoid shot. He was such a brave boy!!! Didn't even cry nor whimper when he was injected. Tita Doc was so impressed. She was also impressed that he can identify numbers and letters now. But what really got to her was how heavy he's become. In just two weeks, he gained almost 1 kilo! He is now 16kg!!! And he's only 2!

At 6pm, we (Boydee, Rod, Zhar, Yaya Mila and myself) heard Mass in Dela Strada and asked the priest to bless Bric. Then we bought food in Chow King for the house help and drivers. They sang Happy Birthday for Bric and Bric, on cue, blew the candle! He was so overwhelmed, he wanted to blow the candle again. So we lit it up for him... again. Hehe...

Turning a year older really has a lot of developmental milestones for babies. Last year, before he turned 1, he learned how to walk already. This time around, a few days before he turned 2, he's learned how to say 2-syllable words! He relishes the sound he makes when he calls me "Mam-mee". It's music to my ears!!! Just today, he's saying "Da-dee". He can also easily memorize songs.

In fact, we've rehearsed Jingle Bells for Christmas.
Mommy: Jingle
Bric: Bells
Mommy: Jingle all the
Bric: Way
Mommy: Oh What fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!
Bric: Hey!
And that goes on and on. His super favorite song is Old McDonald and he'd be the one to give us which animals Old McDonald had in his farm. Although with the animals he mentions, it's more of a zoo than a farm so he calls that song, Zoo. He tells me, Mam, sing Zoo. :)

I hope Bric had a fun birthday. As for us, I can only thank God for giving us this energetic bundle of joy to us. He is one not-so-small package of ultra-huge love! Happy Birthday Baby!!! We love you very much!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kikay Day

Today was Kikay day for me and Bric.

Bought Bric a stroller yesterday after bringing Mommy Nonie to the airport. I got Bric a Maclaren Triumph in a beautiful brown color with blue accents. This will be most helpful for our trip to the US. I mean, I can't be carrying our 15.2kg baby in my arms the whole time while carrying my hand bag, his diaper bag and my laptop bag. No, no, no. So, Lai was right! I do need a stroller in the airport. Hehe... And Zhar heaved a sigh of relief when I told her I'll be bringing a stroller. Rod and Zhar will be our travelling companions and I am thanking them in advance for okaying that we, Bric and I, travel with them. Hehe.. They'll help me take care of my energetic, hyper, lovable bundle of joy. :)

It was high time for Bric to have a trim. His curls were growing too long. So we broke in his stroller and went to Kid's Hair Salon for a trim. He sat on this black car and watched tv at the same time, I had to soothe him to keep him on his seat. A few minutes after, he was sporting a neat trim and we had lunch at KFC with Yaya Mila. He gorged on KFC chicken. Hehe... I think his favorite part in eating at fast food restaurants is that he can sip his water in the bottle with a straw. He looves playing with the straw and gulping with it. Hehe...

After his haircut, we went to our office. Then, he went home for his nap. I did some office work and proceeded to my appointment with Louis Kee. If there's anyone I trust with total abandon with my hair, it's Louie. He was introduced to me by Tita Margot Osmena and from then on, I have my once a year hair appointments with him. He's a bit pricey but he cuts and colors really well. He has that special ability of making his 'cut' look even nicer as your hair grows. He has his own salon finally at One McKinley Place in Taguig. It's behind McDo and UCC.

A few hours after, I was on my way home, hot headed from being hungry. I ate bihon and turbo'd chicken while watching Dyosa and Betty La Fea. Then, I semi-packed for our trip. Ordered Yellow Cab Pizza and am blogging now.

Will zzzzzzzz soon. :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I'm all frantic what with Christmas Day coming up and we're almost leaving for the States. So, Boydee and I worked on our, mostly his, list while I did most of the shopping.

My favorite Shopping place for kids is Rustan's in Edsa. They truly know how to make me feel like a queen. Now, there's a store that champions customer service! They really take care of you.

Another recent discovery of mine is Makro. We went there to scout for Christmas baskets for our staff. Robert, the one in charge of the foods section, was so efficient and helpful.

Thank goodness we already have stores who make customer service a priority. It takes a load of pressure off especially with the Christmas rush.

To Rustans and Makro, keep up the good work!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Birthday and Christmas Gift Suggestions for Bric

This post should read... What Mommy Wants for Bric on his Birthday and/or for Christmas. Hehehe... So, for all of Bric's Ninongs and Ninangs out there who will be reading my blog, this one's for you.

Educational toys - may include books (hard pages), coloring books, blocks, etc.

Clothes - His size is anywhere between 3T-4T. And he's only just about to turn 2 this December 13.

Shoes - His feet is already 6 inches... Not sure what shoe size that translates to.

What he's loving right now: Animals!!!, Sesame Street characters, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lion King (he can memorize the songs in this film but can't pronounce them yet. hehe)
Runners Up: Pooh and Santa Claus :), Dora

There! That should make things easier :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

And again... hehe...

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

I Elfed Us!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Thanks to Ate Rona for featuring this site in her blog and to Lai for viewing it this afternoon. After our laughing session, I just had to try it tonight... and it was hilarious!!! :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I received a bit of news this morning about someone I dearly love (no, it's not Boydee! Whew!). My heart literally dropped, then started pounding so hard out of sheer frustration and exasperation. Another boo boo committed, as if we haven't learned enough, as if we haven't seen enough. I couldn't understand how it could happen again. There goes another complicated life.

Sometimes I so wish I could control the actions or the choices of loved ones... just so they live their life right, so they live their life according to God's laws. I wish the wrong choices that have been made are reversible, or as in a book, editable; that one wrong decision can be corrected by perhaps a good one, or that it can be erased. But life isn't that way. Reality is what it is, sometimes good, sometimes overly complicated.

If we take life too seriously, especially the problems that sometimes really aren't our own but of someone dear to us, we still carry it in our hearts. The heaviness, the pain, the anxiety, even if we really aren't directly affected. Our hearts are connected... by friendship, by blood, by ties. It is a good thing to feel empathy towards someone but if it only also stirs feelings of frustration and hurt over that person, then we're better off not 'feeling' too much.

When I was a child, I'd hold counseling sessions with our helpers in the dirty kitchen. They'd tell me their problems and I'd tell them what to do. As a child, my views were black and white, right or wrong. No grays, no in betweens. It was simpler. I wanted to be a counselor after those mini sessions, feeling I'd always have the answers to everything, confident they'd always take my advice, so sure their lives turned for the better because of it. At that age, problems were petty, not life changing. In my little world, I had control over it.

Now, my world has grown wider, bigger; and the problems graver and may be life changing. And I am no longer in control. At least not of the lives of my loved ones. I can only control my life - my thoughts, my attitude. Everything outside it is beyond me. I can only control how I react to things, to news. I've had my heart hurt a couple of times. I've had frustrations over things or people beyond my control. Just this bit of news this morning was one deep frustration. I can only trust God that He allowed it to happen and that there will always be good that will come out of this, no matter how dim it may seem. And I always have to remind myself that there are so many things, really, that are beyond my control. Just let go and let God!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Inja

Boydee giving his campaign speech for the JCI EVP position.
Of course, as a biased wife, I'd say he wowed them :)
Boydee is now 2009 JCI EVP assigned to Area B.

Here we are, back from India, Boydee and I. On our 4.5 hours flight from New Delhi to HK via Cathay Pacific, 2 hour lay over in the airport, and the 1.5 hours flight from HK to Manila, I couldn't hold my excitement of seeing Bric again. After immigration, customs and getting our luggage, I took fast steps outside of NAIA 1 and who do I see peeking out of the car?! Our darling baby with a smile that was from ear to ear!!! Aahhh... home at last!!! :)

Here are some random thoughts on India before I forget all about them.
...It's winter in November in India so apart from the smog, visibility is low because of the haze.
...the HQ hotel of JCI World Congress was overpriced at ~P14,500/night!!! So imagine the hole in our pockets since Boydee had to stay for 9 friggin nights!!! There goes my kikay allowance.
...Indians love getting TIPS! Nope, not helpful advices or notes but TIPS as in moolah. For instance, our hotel's housekeeping personnel for our floor would be right outside our room and smiling at us, saying they were the ones who cleaned our room. One of them would say he'll be off duty by 2pm so if we check out early, we might not see him again. Parinig... But then, the consuelo is they give us unlimited water bottles and whatever toiletries we ask for in excess, like moisturizer, vanity kits and soap.
...AVOID local taxi cabs as much as possible. They'll try to cheat you however way they can so they can earn an extra buck! Once, I took a ride on this dilapidated mini van of a taxi all by my lonesome since Boydee was in a meeting and the shuttles were already off at 5pm (grr...). The driver insisted on bringing me shopping or around even when I already stressed that I wanted to go back to our hotel! In another instance, we asked this driver to bring us to Karol Bagh, a local market. He said he'll charge us R300 roundtrip. Of course, it was apparently too good to be true. This driver took us to this tourist shop. We found out it wasn't the place we wanted to go. When we insisted, he in turn insisted that we pay him R500 one way or R1,000 round trip! The nerve!!! We lost our appetite for shopping and asked him to bring us back to our hotel. We paid him R250, after asking help from some of our Indian friends.
...Zoo animals can be seen on the road. Camels pulling a cart, elephants, monkeys and huge cows.
Bargain sale on the streets. This isn't even crowded yet.

...If you think Philippines is poor, wait til you see India. Their sidewalks are like tiangges that are densely populated.
At Bukhara, rated Top 50 Restaurants of the World

...Indian food are either red, green or yellow. Hehe... Seriously, while some of our friends were sick and tired of Indian food, I was ok with it. Thanks to Moti Mahal Deluxe and Bukhara. :)
...McDonald's in India does not carry hamburgers! Only chicken, veggie burger and filet of fish!
Authentic Roti, made by hand on a burning 'oven'

...I had my fill of roti!!! Yum!
...Most Indians do not have a sense of personal space and they're very vocal. They push, shove to get to where they're going. They also speak their minds. They're not shy to ask people for 'favors'. On our first night, several Indians asked me to have a picture with them. Boydee was on the side and saying, 'hey, that's my wife.' The Indian misheard and said, 'Ah yes, smile!'. That same night, a LOM president of a chapter in India took me from my table at the diner for a picture. He was waving his ribbon that said 'LOM President' and asked me to put my hand on his right shoulder saying that it's customary in India as a sign of friendship. I said 'No thank you', smiled at the camera and said goodbye.
...When shopping, always haggle. Even at more than 50%

It took my breath away knowing I was actually seeing one of the
Wonders of the World with my own eyes.
Taj Mahal is beautiful!!!

...TAJ Mahal is really a sight to see. Our guide was right when he said that the photograph can not capture its beauty. It stands serene and beautiful, a monument and testament of love - of a King to his wife, and the vision of the architect and its laborers who arduously labored over each minute marble inlaid detail. Shakeel said everything was symmetrical and to think they only had their eyes and a really long string to measure everything. No computers, no measuring tape, nothing!
...We had a "welcome to India" experience going to and in Agra. On our way from Delhi to Agra (4.5 hours without traffic which is impossible), we had a flat tire. In Agra on our way to the Agra fort, our car was hit by a tanker. Our driver was so outraged especially since the tanker driver ran off. A policeman who was in the vicinity rode on our car while we sped on trying to find the tanker. Sadly, we couldn't find it so we went on with our tour. I was glad I was travelling with Boydee. In times like these, he's my security blanket.
...Most of our time was spent in our hotel since Boydee was running for JCI EVP and there were GAs, meetings, events to attend, we really didn't get to see much of India. But the trip wasn't wasted since it was a good time for the Philippine delegation to rediscover, renew, build friendships with each other. Wink wink...

Colorful saris worn by Indian women as they stroll along Agra Fort

Would I go back to India? Yes, definitely. But unlike some places in Europe especially where it's nice to immerse in a country's culture and 'do as the Romans do', India is better left explored in luxury as a tourist. The sites are just waiting to be visited but going there, I'd so much rather ride on a bus or a private car, in a 5 star hotel and purely escorted by an Indian English speaking tourist guide like Shakeel, our guide in Agra.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm all packed and ready to go but my heart is just sooo heavy. I'll be leaving Bric behind for a week to join Boydee in India for the JCI World Congress where he's running for JCI EVP. Torn between my two boys. :(

Already psyched Bric that Mommy will be going to "In-Ja" where Daddy already is. I guess he understood it because he's been ultra clingy the past two days. My heart breaks each time he cries. So, I made a mental note NOT to leave Bric this long. A week's kinda pushing it but I have to support my DH in his campaign. Hopefully, this is the last trip this year where we have to leave Brickoy-koy. He's getting to be really smart. I just wish his yayas and cousins will keep him preoccupied.

Boydee is in Delhi waiting for me with the 57degree heat and the overpriced hotel room. Tomorrow, I shall be all yours, Love! hehehe...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Prince Rogan

This is a LO I made of a picture that was taken a few months back in Tanay.

Friday, October 03, 2008

LO Challenge

Ate Rona referred me to the WLO project after she saw my extraction. If we submit an entry with the few conditions set, we'll receive this amazing In the Zoo Kit! Here's the link and here's what my entry looks like :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Watching the Experts In Action

The 2 weeks that passed were a daily ritual of office-hospital-house as Dad was confined at the Medical City since September 14, a day after his birthday. He was discharged only a few days ago, was it September 30?

While at the hospital, Ate Rona and Lai would bring their laptops and work... NOT!!! Hehehe... They would SCRAP! But of course!!! And it was a treat to watch them express their 'creativity' and I got a few tips and techniques here and there. Nothing like watching the experts at work!!!

Anyway, we're still in the middle of our Baby Album but in between, we're doing our Disney albums. I think Lai's in the lead with having the most finished pages. I just started two days ago and here's what I have so far. :)

This is my attempt at 'art noveau' style... hehe...

This is, of course, an extraction - one of my favorite techniques!

Spoiled by templates!!!

My attempt at using 'sweet' colors :)

Trying my hand at white space and 'earth' tones

Well, this one, I got carried away with the cute animal elements :)

That's it for now!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Long Process

Hey Sisterhood! What do you think of this LO? I've been at this for 5 days already-changing kits, re arranging the pictures. So what do you think? Suggestions are open! :) hehe... I just HAD to scrap this series of pictures of Bric and Tyler. It's just hilarious!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Muscle Strain

Hehehe... That's what it was. And the paranoid me was thinking along the lines of menengitis or mumps. So, major whew. The doctor gave me a muscle relaxant and pain killer. Let's hope this works!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Still Clueless

No luck with the doctor today. She didn't go in. Hopefully tomorrow the Internal Medicine Doctor will go to his/her clinic in VTMDC and see me and give me answers as to my headache.

Lonely day at the office tomorrow since my two officemates will be going to HK for a short vacation with their families. Happy trip to Japa and Ate Rona, Rondic & Lai and Randy & Stella and their kids and yayas tomorrow!!! Have fun!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Incessant Migraine

Ever since I recovered from the flu and diarrhea, I've been having these incessant head aches. When I stand from sitting down, I get these throbbing sensations on the right side of the head all the way to my neck. Why???!!!! What's wrong with me?? :( Waahhhh....

It's been almost two weeks and it's still with me. I've researched in the internet for possible causes. And God forbid it's anything serious. So finally, I'll be going to a general doctor today. Hopefully, she'll give me answers. Wish me luck and pray for me.

Here's a photo of Bric and Lolo Boy before they went to VWL two days ago. Yaya Mila took this picture. When I saw it, I was astounded as to how our baby has grown! He looks like a little big boy now. And he looks like me when I was younger. Uh-oh. Would've wanted him to look like his Daddy :) hehehe...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Down & Out

Been down and out for three whole days with stomach flu and fever. Had stool exam and CBC counts done and all yielded normal results. Thank God! Now, my 3rd day, I'm feeling better although there are temporary and occasional bouts of weakness and wooziness emanating from my joints or my intestines!!! But overall, I think I'll live! :)

Just came from watching Cinderella in CCP with Boydee and Mommy Nonie. The rest of the Dizon clan watched ahead of us but since Mommy Nonie was watching today with Marissa and Elvira, we decided to accompany her.

Cinderella has always been MY favorite fairy tale of all. Somehow, when I was a child, I was enamored by the thought of being swept off my feet by a Prince. When Boydee and I were just in that sweety-sweety stage, I gave him a Cinderella book with the dedication that went: Here's hoping and praying we are each other's missing pieces and that we're both holding on to our glass slippers - hoping and praying they're the right fit! Fast forward to today, and guess what! The glass slippers still fit smugly!!! :) Now back to the play!

Save for the poor vents of the CCP Theater which were aimed directly at my newly healed head, I enjoyed the show. Nevermind if Lea Salonga was way too short for Prince Chris or was the Prince too tall for Lea (as in their song: Are you wonderful because I love you OR do I love you because you're wonderful); nevermind if Lea's wig needed much improvement; nevermind if I already know the story by heart and not one song sounded at all familiar.

The props were wonderful, the cast save for the major ones were exceptional, the stage was magical. The lighting was awesome, too! During the curtain call, everyone gave Lea a standing ovation. I got teary eyed. My heart swelled with pride as I watched her graciously receive the applause. I was so proud that she's one of our own... a true blue Filipina!

Congratulations to Bobby Garcia, the director, and the entire cast and crew of Cinderella. Hope you wow'em all over Asia!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from El Nido

Just got back from El Nido where we spent three days of pure leisure and relaxation. It was a much needed break from all the work, 2 weddings, and stress in the city. More pictures in the next posts. For now, it's time to zzzzzzzz..... I'm sooo sleepy :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, My Despedida de Soltera Album!

I have finally, finally finished my Despedida de Soltera album. After 4 years!!! Hehehe... I started scrapping them this year and now here it is! Will have it printed into an album soon! :)

Here are some sample pages :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PJ Party for Ate, Boydee & Zhar!

We've been having theme parties to celebrate Boydee's and Ate Rona's birthday since 2005 when I started organizing their birthdays. Of course, Ate Rona didn't have much choice since she celebrates the same birthday as my hubby, only that she was born a year earlier. Hehe...

We had the Kamayan party in 2005, Spanish in 2006 and Mexican in 2007. It was in the Mexican themed party when we started to include costumes. Our guests had to come in a cowboy, or mexican outfit. The best part is, everyone played along!!! I LOVE organizing parties with the Dizons!!! If I organized one for the Uys, only Mom and I would be dressed to the nines. Hehehe...

Anyway, this year, Boydee thought of the concept. Yup, my hubby, the celebrant... And I think it was a fantastic idea. Since I wanted to order The Plaza's delish Ham with pan de sal and Fresh Corned Beef and vegetables, we decided to feature an all breakfast menu. We had aside from the 2 mentioned above: chicken and pork tocino, arroz caldo and tokwa't baboy (Lai's request), fried spaghetti bolognese (Ate Rona's request but Melinda decided at the last minute NOT to make it fried!), fried eggs, eggs benedict sauce, then Mom couldn't resist adding pork tocino and bacon. Rondic added chicharon and dinuguan and puto from Kusina ni Virginia. The chicharon was a hit! Even Bric loved it!!! Hehehe...

For dessert, Michelle Hechanova, our wedding cake supplier of Dad and Mom's Ruby, gifted Ate Rona with a Choco cake since she felt really bad that Ate wasn't able to partake of the choco layer in the wedding cake. Sweet of her!!! I also ordered Delize's Pistachio Sans Rival which was devoured in a matter of 1 day and a half. Mom also bought Hizon's ensaymada since we were serving HOT chocolate. That was our feast!

With the help of Zhar, we executed her idea of the bedtime set up. All the rectangular tables were lined up and topped with bedsheets. Our centerpiece was a pillow, a stuffed toy and a children's book... all courtesy of Mom's and, of course, Bric's, collection. Hehe... Here are some pictures of the party.

Baby Tyler, our newest nephew, surrounded by chicks and mother hens. Hehehe..

Tita Zenaida with Zeena!

All ready for a sleep over!!!

Our Mini Family (before Bric went to bed...)

Hugh Hefner and Jet Li! hehehe...

To Ate Rona and Zhar, happy birthday Sisters!!! Love you both!!!

To my one true love, 38 years ago, you were born for me! I love you with my life!!! Mwah, mwah, mwah!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

40 Loving Years

Was it Father Anton or Father Benny who said that while life begins at 40, for marriages, the love peaks at 40. This has never been more true in the case of Dad and Mom.

It was finally THE day we've all been preparing for. July 27, 2008. On that day, Dad and Mom became the newly married couple - Dad, the proud groom, and Mom, the blushing bride. There is something that is just so heart-tugging at watching an 'old' (not of age, but of longevity) couple walk the aisle, or hold hands or kiss.

Make of our hands, one hand...

Unlike young couples who get married (yes, for the first time), we, married people, know that yes, they may be blissful now, but every now and then, the happy bubble will burst and there will be trials ahead. We pray that this new couple's love would be able to withstand all trials.

As for old couples renewing their vows, we, married couples, can only look with awe and admiration at the journey this couple may have gone through. Upon seeing the spark, the glow still evident in their eyes, we know that it is indeed true and real love... one that has weathered storms, one that has seen them through the best and the worst of times, one that will last for eternity. We can only pray that God grant us the same fate of eternal, infinite love with our spouses.

It was exactly that feeling with Dad and Mom. We have seen how their love remains strong and steadfast despite trials especially in relation to Dad's health. We have seen how, even with no occasion, Dad's eyes would lighten up at the sight of Mom, or how he, despite his sometimes weak state, would still reach out and strain his neck just to be able to give Mommy a kiss. We have seen how Mom, even when she's many miles away, would faithfully and consistently call Dad to check on him without fail. We've seen her patience, her strength and her faith. We've seen Dad's deep, deep love for Mom. If he could, he would do ANYTHING for her. And vice versa.
My Love, My Life

Watching Dad trying his best and on his own volition, walk down the halfway mark with Mom in the Shrine, with one hand in his pocket and the other arm holding Mom's, was, for me, nothing short of a miracle. We know Dad has been struggling with his walking, but on that day, he outdid himself! And it wasn't because he was pressured because so many people were watching; it wasn't because his children begged him to do so, or his nurses cajoled him to stand. No! He did it out of love for the one person he loved the most in his entire life. He did it for the love of Mom because he knew how much it meant for her.

The Ruby Couple

And that was for me the highlight of the whole celebration. Not our dance performance, not our speech, nor all the preparations. It was that one single, powerful moment. It will be that scene I will keep, I will cherish forever because it was a picture of perfect love.

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! We love you very much!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks for Making the 40 Special!!!

Sore feet and a cup of noodles after, I still can't get the Ruby Anniversary Celebration of Dad and Mom off my mind. Just seeing the smiles on Dad's and Mom's faces, and a few tears here and there (maybe tiny sobs from Dad), was enough satisfaction for me that we did a good job.

I'm sure my sisterhood, cousinhood and even perhaps our fatherhood (Benny) will blog about the highlights.

For me, for now, many thanks to many people are in order. So this is my litany of thanks for those who made it special.

Let's start with the Wedding Ceremony and its parts:
...Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus for allowing us to turn the aircon on earlier and for acquiescing to our request of holding the 5pm mass at the Remembering Chapel
...Tita Vkyh for recommending the cleaners for the Shrine who did a tremendous job of cleaning the Shrine; for recommending Tito Jun Marcelino, our rush-rush costume maker and his main mananahi - Manang Anette :)
...the Choir - University of Sto. Tomas Singers, especially to Sir Fidel Calalang, their conductor and Pinky, their president for filling the shrine with their powerful voices and their beautiful rendition of "Ikaw" - This was a great song replacement and kinda made Mom's entrance more dramatic and emotional... sniff sniff....
...Bishop Tumulak and the priests concelebrants - all 15 of them - for blessing Dad and Mom as they renewed their vows of love and commitment to each other. Tony Rodriguez, our florist, who moved earth to get those pale pink peonies for Mom's bouquet and for decorating the Shrine, and the ballroom of Shangrila Makati with his beautiful creations. The fruits baskets could've been bigger, though :) and the votive candles more decorative. all the readers, offerors whom Ate Rona assigned... for doing a good job :) Rielle and the grandkids who did a fantastic job singing On Eagle's Wings. I didn't sing the response because I just knew I'd just ruin my eye make up yet again. Susan and Dorie for being our coordinator at the Shrine

Wedding Reception:
...Andrew's team (Happy Events) for the stage set up, lights and sounds and event coordination. I was very OC-OC so I have to thank you for putting up with our countless meetings, emails, calls and texts. Thank you for helping us mount a good show!
...Andrew, Jess and Beth, yet again for shooting and editing our opening spiel AVP.
...Shangri-la Makati through our event manager, Ina Alcuaz. There were a lot of major boo-boos (maybe because she's kinda new) but it's hard to get really angry with her because she's so sweet. Hopefully, in time, she'll be more adept. We were also kinda meticulous :)
...The chef of Shangrila for whipping up such fantastic gastronomic delights!!!
...Michelle Hechanova for her fantabulous!!! cake creation that just can't wait to be eaten.
...our La Vista staff - Rod, Randy Kalbo and Nora for assisting Ate with the Wedding gown Exhibit by the cocktail area.
...our office angels and staff - for helping out in the registration, logistics, and more!
...Margot Esplana, Noli and Miles for their patience, kalogness and hip choreography of our dance performance... We are sooo looking forward to practicing with you guys again!!! We miss you and our practices already! You were great, Lola! hehehe...
...our dancers!!!
Tito Rey - our last minute James Bond - Thanks super Tito!!!
Tita Tinggoy who was so present in almost all the dances (6 dances total!)... and for coordinating with Shangri-la for the Specialty Suite and Mel, the best butler ever!
Gelo for lending a hip hop flair in all the dance moves... hehee
Avic - ah... the model dancer for the kiddos and especially the angels!
The Ungco's - Tito Monching - Mr. Give na Give!!! hehehe, Tita Vkyh, RJ and bouncy Mavie who was such a trouper even if she seems almost about to pop! haha.. and Monique
Carlo Papa - Mr. Now you see him, now you don't.... But despite that, he memorized all the moves for James Bond and Boogie Wonderland! Thanks so much for showing up for Tito Rey's last minute practice :)
RJ Sargan - Mr. James Bond and couldn't resist Grease Lightning guy! hehehe...
Tita Paloming who couldn't resist the Tango!!! And who got all the moves in just 2 sessions!
The Angels - Bechay, Letty, Elma, Nora, Fe, Agnes - you guys surprised Mom!!! Thanks for being game and oh so helpful! :)
The PACEM priests!!! led by Fr. Alex - Wow! You guys brought the house down with your YMCA performance. Dad and Mom and even Bishop Tumulak were shocked that you were dancing! Thanks so much for joining us!

Lastly, to our brotherhood and sisterhood! We make a GREAT team! Hehe...
Japa - for the beautiful, touching AVP tribute to Dad and Mom... It never fails to make me cry!
- for being MY chief AVP guy - the avp movie quotes intro of Dad & Mom; the US greetings; and for introducing me to Mr. Ken Burns. hahaha

Ate Rona - our designated printed collaterals in charge and in-house designer.. hehe
- for the gift wrapper damask design, the missalette, the novena cover, and the labor-of-love guest book for the Ruby :)
- for coordinating the rehearsal participants :) and for taking over when I was vacationing for 2 weeks... hehehe...

Boydee - ahhh... my dance partner, my lifetime partner! hehehe... for being the sounding board when I was stressed and tense
- for being my co-conspirator of the program details, and other details...
- for being in charge of anything and everything in the Shrine; and for choosing the well-wishers who gave touching speeches!
- for never failing to move up the notch of the rehearsals with your malandi giling moves and feel na feel dance steps and matching emote-emote. haha...
- I love you forever!!! Hehehe...

Rondic - Mr. "Hyyyyydromatic" hehehe...
- for taking charge of the wines and hard liquor (where's my martel!!?? heheh) with matching wine tasting to boot!
- for the donation boxes!!! Hehe..., and glow sticks!
- for opening Monte Vista as our official dance practice venue!; for the food and drinks...
- for singing "The Prayer" a la Kalbocelli! hehehe... I'm sure Mom was moved!!! :)
- for taking care of the logistics on that day and for making sure our waiters were happy! hehehe... :)

Elizza - THE overall food in charge from beginning to end - meaning from practices, to the actual event itself! - tough job but you did it oh so gracefully! :)
- for the hilarious movie posters!!! We should have the original Shall We Dance poster of Dad printed... and framed!!! Bwahahaha...
- for taking charge of the giveaways :)
- for almost single handedly organized Mom's shower and making that touching AVP!
- for singing The Prayer at the last minute. With a voice like that, it just has to be heard!!!

Randy and Stella - What can I say but Wow! You guys were just professionals! hehe... Thanks so much for arriving on time!!! As in!!! hehehe...
- for dancing the tango flawlessly!!!
- for shooting the US well-wishers despite your hectic schedule in the States :)
Randy - for singing What a Wonderful World with matching piyok! hahaha...

Stels - for helping choose the mass songs, for coaching Randy - I'm sure it was you, not Randy who was leading the dance. (hahaha... sorry Rands!) and for singing "The Prayer" live!!!

Rodney and Zhar - for still helping and offering to help despite being busy with your upcoming wedding
- for choosing Jaime Tee and Jason Magbanua as the official photographer and videographer
- for sharing your wedding suppliers especially Jong of The Write Impressions for the beautiful invitations and Michelle Hechanova for the heavenly cake!!!
- for providing comic relief during rehearsals... hehee... just kidding :)

Rod - for being in charge of the Rockwell tent refund... hehehe...

Zhar - for being my 'partner' in wedding styling. hehehe...
- for the beautiful, customized cord used in the Wedding ceremony of Dad and Mom

For everything and anything (including those I may have failed to mention), thanks so much for everything! It's great to be part of this family!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The past two days have all been about wedding stuff. With a few good laughs here and there mostly because of our costumes, all the hullabaloo on the Ruby has kinda taken a toll on me today leaving me drained.

We just came from practice where I'm a non-participant. And now my head is blank and my mood is blah... Too tired...

Pressure's kicking in!!! :I

Sunday, July 20, 2008

One More Week

It's 1:49 am of July 21. I have been trying to sleep for the past 30 minutes but my attempts have been futile.

We have one more week to go before the Ruby Anniversary of Daddy Boy and Mommy Shalene. I know it's not going to be perfect but at least whatever we can do to at least make it close to perfection, we do whatever we can and we do it within this week! Crunch time!!!

I went over the checklist, emailed our brotherhood and sisterhood, updated files, edited missalette, finalized some content for one avp, listed my to-dos for tomorrow. I thought I was pooped but when I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes, all that happened was my mind thinking of more wedding stuff!!! Gosh, the tension!!! And to think this isn't even my wedding!!! Hehe...

It's just a great thing that our siblings all kinda know our strengths and weaknesses. One fills in where the other one needs help. One does what one does best. One does what's asked. Hehe... All of us do what we can to make the Ruby special... all for the love of Dad and Mom.

It's also just great that we have a talented family, a cooperative and equally gifted support system in our relatives and co-workers.

One more week guys and gals!!!

Thank yous are in order but that will wait til after the Ruby... Lest Mom spots this site... although I know she doesn't... but I can't risk anything. So, til the next few posts...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oooh-some Massage

This Saturday was a full day. Had to wake up early for our 10am practice, then had a children's party at 3:30pm. What made it worse was my bum stomach. It felt like some invisible hand had grappled and squeezed my insides so tight. I'd have spasms every so often.

So Boydee and I, with Bric and Yaya Mila, decided to go home earlier than usual from Zeena's (Bric's future wife... hehe...) 1st birthday party. I was actually already drooling on the spaghetti at the kiddie's buffet spread but my stomach was just churning and grumbling. We did manage to smuggle a few chicken nuggets... thanks to Zhar and Rod for choosing a strategic table. Hehe...

When we got home, we asked Marivic to call Manong Romy. A few minutes and a spam & egg sandwich later, he was here. I was sooo weak, I plopped my whole body on the massage bed and let his hands do the work. And it was pure magic. He hit the painful spots, the achy joints and the hard muscles. Today, he did a fantastic job. I oohed and aahhed from pain and pleasure in between dozing off to sleep only to be awaken by my snore. Hahaha...

I have a funny view of hilots. Somehow, there's something mystical about them. They know which pressure points to hit if you're having a tummy ache, or a cold or a head ache, and sometimes these points aren't near that particular achy body part. I know it's reflexology but I betcha they didn't read text books on that. Perhaps this gift was passed on from generation to generation, or learned through experience.

I see them as psychic because they seem to know what's wrong with you just by feeling your body. I'm eating too salty food, or there's something wrong with your kidney, or I'm drinking too much cold water that's why my tummy's acting up.

Perhaps the believers and practitioners of science and medicine are skeptical on this alternative, all natural healing method. But whatever works for me, I take. So, whether it's magic or a studied profession, the manghihilots are here to stay... and I am just so glad that they're still in existence.

Thanks to Manong Romy for my two-hour massage. My tummy feels so much better now!

Believe it or not! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

HK Disney (Part 4)

Day 2, June 17, 2008. We woke up early to catch the 1st seating of the Disney character breakfast buffet at Enchanted Garden Restaurant. Here, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto hopped from table to table to give all the guests a photo op with them. Bric quickly memorized their names and called them (Mickey Mouse - Bout, Goofy - Pee, Pluto - Toe) but when any one of the characters really came near him, he would cling to us ever so tightly and cry if they touched him. Hehe... But when they walked away, he would start calling them again. Hehe...

We devoted the whole day today for the park. But it was such a rainy day... It practically rained the whole day!!!

Talk about bad timing. But despite being drenched, we still had loads of fun. The paranoid Mom wanted to go back to the hotel, scared Bric might get sick, but the adventurous Dad prevailed. And good thing, too, because then we were able to ride "It's a Small World", not once but twice. Bric loooved this ride!!! No pictures here, only videos. Hehe...

After watching a few more shows and posing with mascots, we took a glimpse of Hollywood Hotel.

While HK Disney Hotel is Victorian, Hollywood Hotel's style is art deco. Very modern, and quite full of people at that time. After a wet day, we finally settled back in our hotel. Boydee and I had a date in Crystal Lotus again and bought some more Disney shirts. Then, we went back to our room to pack. We were going to go home tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HK Disney (Part 3)

HK Disneyland Hotel...

We finally had our room at the end of a long afternoon at the park. Bric woke up to an unfamiliar but very tempting to explore place... So, he forced himself up from his nap and ran around our room.

HK Disneyland Hotel is one of the 2 hotels in the Disney complex. The other one is the HK Hollywood Hotel. It's an experience being in a Disney hotel. There are cute Disney accents in the most used furniture or items.

Take this Mickey Mouse-shaped catsup.

Or their Seven dwarves toiletry kit:

Even their mirror had the Disney characters at the corners.

Being a family hotel, the hotel also had cribs available upon request at no additional cost. We got one for Bric.

But what took Bric's breath away was the telephone by the toilet bowl. He was so amused by its presence there, that it became his favorite place to play. He'd go there and lift it and say "Hello, hello". Hehe...

We had a late dinner at Crystal Lotus, right after catching a few minutes of the fireworks display of Disney from our hotel.

We went back to our room and slept... Amassing energy for the next full day in Disney.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Like a Virgin... Tagged for the Very First Time!

I've been tagged... by Ate Rona... on her blog... Since it's public, it leaves me no choice but to accept the Tag. Hehe... So here goes...

The Rules: Answer the questions using only one word. Then tag four others.

1. Where is your cell phone? BATHROOM
2. Your significant other? BOYDEE!!!
3. Your hair? HIGHLIGHTED!
4. Your mother? AWAY
5. Your father? HEAVEN
6. Your favorite thing? LOVE
7. Your dream last night? SNORE...
8 Your favorite drink? WATER
9. Your dream/goal? HAPPINESS
10. The room you’re in? BOYDEE'S
11. Your hobby? THINKING... hehe...
12. Your fear? LOSS
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? PHILIPPINES pa rin!!!
14. What you’re not? DUMB (haha)
15. Muffins? CUPCAKES
16. One of your wish list items? BABY GIRL! :) oops this is 2 words: DAUGHTER... there, that's better :)
17. Where you grew up? CEBU!!!!
18. The last thing you did? BLOGGED
19. What are you wearing? PJS
20. Favorite gadget? CAMERA
21. Your pets? NONE :(
22. Your computer? MAC
23. Your mood? HAPPY
24. Missing someone? BRIC (he's sleeping with Lolo Boy til MamaLyn comes back)
25. Your car? CEFIRO
26. Something you’re not wearing? FISHNET STOCKINGS
27. Favorite store? CHOWKING!
28. Like someone? FAMILY
29. Your favorite color? WHITE
30. When is the last time you laughed? TODAY
31. Last time you cried? TODAY (from laughing so hard!)

Now, I tag:
1. Father Benny :)
2. Carlo Ejercito :)
3. Joel Pascual :)
4. Mavie Ungco! :)


Monday, July 07, 2008

HK Disney (part 2)

Still Day 1, June 16. The weather was soo hot and humid, we were all sweaty and sticky by the time the Water Parade ended. We headed off to watch Lion King and since we were too early, decided to buy Disney shirts to change as we were just drenched.

It wasn't long before it started to rain so I took out my bandana and put it on Bric. We were on our way to watch The Lion King.

Bric was enthralled at The Lion King. He sat so still in Boydee's lap just watching the performances of the animals unravel before his very eyes. The show, after all, was indeed entertaining.

By the time we finished, it was pouring outside so we got our yellow Disney raincoats which Boydee and I bought in Anaheim Disney during our honeymoon for the Jurassic Park Ride... hmmm... or was it at Universal Studios? Anyway, Boydee and Bric wore them while I opted for my blue bandana.

After that, we had our usual photo ops and while walking around the park, Bric dozed off in the stroller. So, we decided to head back to our hotel.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

And It's Rafa

It's 5:00 am. There's a new Wimbledon Champion and it's Rafael "Rafa" Nadal. The match took more than 4 hours of heart pumping, finger biting, throat drying action.

I was rooting for Federer, 5 time Wimby Champ, because he's known to be one of the nicest guys in Tennis and I always want good people to win... not that Rafa isn't one. I just wanted Federer to break records and make history.

But I have to admit, the better player won tonight. Rafa was just unstoppable although Federer did his darnest best, and almost won it. But Rafa's raw energy and athleticism won the game for him. Roger just had too many unforced errors. Although he did have 25 aces!

Oh well, I'm not sad nor disheartened that Roger didn't win. I'm happy for Nadal. Both of them are amazing players and great champions. Rafa deserved that trophy tonight with the way he played. What a match!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Mini Family Bonding (HK Disney!)

June 16-18 saw our mini family off to HK for a stay in HK Disneyland Hotel. It was just Boydee, yours truly, Bric and Yaya Mila. We scheduled this months in advance since we had miles expiring from PAL's Mabuhay Miles Program. It wasn't the best time of the year to go, what with the rainy forecast but we were all so looking forward to this break and bonding session with Bric that we pushed on so off we went to Disneyland.

We took the 10am flight and arrived around 12. Yaya Mila thought of putting Bric on top of our luggage. That's him down there sitting steadily on our Samsonite bag :)

We took a cab going to our hotel since the ticketing officer for the train advised us that it was less expensive than the train. We got to the hotel in less than 30 minutes. Bric was excited to explore the lobby. He was running, not walking.

Check in time was 3pm. We were there around 1 something. So we decided to have late lunch at the cafe. That's Bric h0lding his favorite-french fries (pronounced dai-dai) with his pinky sticking out.

I have to say the 3pm check in time of HK Disney Hotel sucked. It totally destroyed our schedule especially in terms of our outfits. Hehe.. Good thing I decided at the last minute to wear flat shoes instead of heels during our flight. Because we didn't have rooms yet, we couldn't change into more comfy outfits (shorts & shirt & rubber shoes). There was a scheduled Water Works Parade at 3:30pm so we decided to just go to the park wearing what we were already wearing. We brought out our rain coats tho since the forecast was rain.

Oh, that stroller we rented from the hotel. Lai, best to rent from the hotel since from the shuttle drop off, it's still quite a distance for Bric/Robyn to walk to the park entrance. The park rents strollers too but it's inside the park only and you can't bring it out of the park. Rental of stroller is HK$50 per day.

That's my two boys watching the water parade. Don't they look like they're enjoying the show?!? Hehe... The weather was just sooo hot and humid!!! And there were some Chinese people in front who couldn't care less that the people behind them (us) couldn't see the show since they were standing, even after we asked so politely.

To be continued...