Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Without Bric

Today, I found the time to pack up half a balikbayan box and update, sort of, this blog.  Bric is with Mama Rona and Papa Japa shopping in Belz Factory Outlet.  He CHOSE to go with them of HIS own FREE WILL.  Hehehe... So, I have a little more freedom today, except that I'm kinda missing him a lot.  Hehehe...

Yesterday was the first time we left him with Daddy Dic and Mommy Lai for one afternoon.  Again, it was HIS choice, he was wanting to be with Robyn, Riley and Ranger.  Lai convinced me that it was really ok for them to take care of Bric.  I was hesitant... not so much because I thought Bric wouldn't be ok, but more because I was worried for Dic and Lai.  Hahah... Bric is such an active kid and such a teaser.  He will test his limit.

So anyway, while we were out for a few hours to a car dealer with Rod, Zhar, Ate and Japa, Bric was with Lai and Dic.  When we got home at around 8pm, they were filled with funny stories about Bric.  

They talked of how Bric wailed for "Mommy" when he woke up from his nap.  Prior to that he was a good, manageable boy.  Post nap and realizing I wasn't around, he was "nagwala".  Poor baby... I mean, poor Rondic and Lai.  They were trying to appease him.  Then there was once he squatted and let out a loud, foul smelling fart that Dic and Lai thought he made poo-poo.  When they checked the diaper bag, there was but a single wipe left.  hahaha.. Panic time for them.  Lai told Dic to improvise.  Ooopss.. til next time.. Bric just stepped inside the door.  

To friends, happy new year!!! :)

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