Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kikay Day

Today was Kikay day for me and Bric.

Bought Bric a stroller yesterday after bringing Mommy Nonie to the airport. I got Bric a Maclaren Triumph in a beautiful brown color with blue accents. This will be most helpful for our trip to the US. I mean, I can't be carrying our 15.2kg baby in my arms the whole time while carrying my hand bag, his diaper bag and my laptop bag. No, no, no. So, Lai was right! I do need a stroller in the airport. Hehe... And Zhar heaved a sigh of relief when I told her I'll be bringing a stroller. Rod and Zhar will be our travelling companions and I am thanking them in advance for okaying that we, Bric and I, travel with them. Hehe.. They'll help me take care of my energetic, hyper, lovable bundle of joy. :)

It was high time for Bric to have a trim. His curls were growing too long. So we broke in his stroller and went to Kid's Hair Salon for a trim. He sat on this black car and watched tv at the same time, I had to soothe him to keep him on his seat. A few minutes after, he was sporting a neat trim and we had lunch at KFC with Yaya Mila. He gorged on KFC chicken. Hehe... I think his favorite part in eating at fast food restaurants is that he can sip his water in the bottle with a straw. He looves playing with the straw and gulping with it. Hehe...

After his haircut, we went to our office. Then, he went home for his nap. I did some office work and proceeded to my appointment with Louis Kee. If there's anyone I trust with total abandon with my hair, it's Louie. He was introduced to me by Tita Margot Osmena and from then on, I have my once a year hair appointments with him. He's a bit pricey but he cuts and colors really well. He has that special ability of making his 'cut' look even nicer as your hair grows. He has his own salon finally at One McKinley Place in Taguig. It's behind McDo and UCC.

A few hours after, I was on my way home, hot headed from being hungry. I ate bihon and turbo'd chicken while watching Dyosa and Betty La Fea. Then, I semi-packed for our trip. Ordered Yellow Cab Pizza and am blogging now.

Will zzzzzzzz soon. :)

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