Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Union of Two Families Yet Again

Last Monday, we all trooped to BSA Towers' Upper Penthouse to finally meet the Carbonell family for the first time (for most of us). By all, I mean the whole Dizon family. Only Bric was missing in action because he wasn't able to nap in the afternoon. So, there we all were, on top of a building, two families meeting for the first time, while rain drizzled outside.

The Carbonells are a funny bunch. Kalog, loud, very open and funny. A lot like our family too. After the night was over, I actually had a sore throat from all the laughing and shouting. It was fun!

Thanks to Zhar for the dinner which could've been served warmer (attention Ponzo's!) and for the fun time we had with your family. I'm sure Rod's wish will be granted - that our two families will have a close and lasting relationship. Again, we look forward to our completed sisterhood... as if hindi ka pa welcome no! Hehehe...

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Not only is it a union of two souls joined together by love, it is also a coming together of two families, establishing a connection because of the love of two people. "Strangers", now families, all bound through love.

To the Carbonells, it was a pleasure meeting you. Till the next 'family' gathering!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


It's been weeks since Ate, Japa and their kids moved in with us in La Vista. Their house is undergoing a major renovation, and I hope it will still be some time before the house gets fixed. Hehehe.... It's just more fun with more 'housemates' here in this huuuge house; moreso, with family housemates of brothers and sisters.

Bric's morning ritual includes an additional stop in the Gavino's Family Room. After waking Lolo Boy and Mamalyn up and greeting them good morning (more like a uh, ah), Bric and yaya go visit the morning family. It's just great that the Gavinos are morning persons. They're up at about the same time Bric is up. As for me and Boydee, well, let's just say we're more like owls. Awake at night, sleepy during the day, well, at least for the early part of the day. We usually wake up at around 9am. So, Bric has bonding time with his cousins who just love the youngest addition among their cousins. Raegan, Rogan and Raine know how to make Bric laugh, not that it takes a lot to do that. Even Ranger plays with Bric sometimes. Bric has gotten attached to Ate Rona and Japa, always making sure they make him pansin whenever they're around.

It wasn't a few years back when Rondic, Lai and their brood were also here. Those were fun times too, with usually midnight snacks at almost every weekend. Reese would be a frequent visitor then.

I just love it when our brotherhood and sisterhood are here. It just makes the house more 'homey' and meal times more 'alive'. So, to the workers doing the Gavino house, take your sweet time.... but don't up the labor and price! Hehehe.... As for the Gavinos, we LOVE having you here!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Caught With His Hand in the Cookie Jar

The headlines in the newspapers these days are all about the involvement of Commissioner on Elections Chair Benjamin Abalos on the controversial and highly disadvantageous broadband contract with China's ZTE.

Once again, Abalos is in the limelight and right at the forefront of blatant corruption and yet, he still manages to smile in front of the cameras and in effect, the Filipino people, and deny the allegations and accusations. Even if he is literally caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he still can lie and squirm his way out of the mess and seemingly come out "clean" and "free"! Of course, if you're talking about at least P10million pesos inside the cookie jar, among other things which may not have been exposed yet, then, you can pay anyone to defend you, or ask others to look the other way.

In the Philippines, our justice is relative, based 'on popular demand', and highly dependent on who is in power at the moment. Our government, which is supposed to serve, is ruled by people who are out to make a fast buck to the detriment of the people. Our so-called leaders are no longer concerned about values such as honor, dignity and reputation, because what drives them is self-enrichment.

So even if you're the leader of the land and thus the guardian of the 80-million Filipinos, you don't really care if good morals and values are being lived and upheld by your subordinates. Who are you to care when you're blinded by greed and thirsty for power?

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Abalos has the daring to lie and wiggle his way out because he knows he has a strong backer. Mike Arroyo, the 'father' of the Philippines, despite a wake up call on his conscience via a heart operation, still has not learned his lesson. GMA, whether aware or not of her husband's dealings, still looks the other way. Silence is tantamount to support. Three leaders of our country. Three obvious examples of why our country is not going anywhere, except down under.

Let them have three more years of stealing, cheating and lying. Their actions will catch up with them. Even if our justice system is ruled by people; there is but One judge for all. Unbiased and untainted, God will hold them accountable. They will have their day in court. Perhaps not now, not soon; not in our local courts; but there where it really matters. If only the Filipinos can witness that, will we have a field day seeing them wiggle their way out of this one!


After the novena to St. Therese and a rosary, our yaya Mila still got denied of her US Visa application. Surprisingly, I didn't feel as devastated as expected. I also have not lost faith nor felt disappointment towards God just because my petitions were not granted. That would be too shallow and lame. Instead, I am looking at the brighter side of things. As my sisters, Ate Rona and Lai texted, it is an opportunity for me and Boydee to bond with our adorable Bric!

The burden would most likely fall on Boydee's hands especially since I will be heavy on my 7th month of pregnancy all the way till I give birth. And Mommy Nonie and her friends are already telling me that I shouldn't even be carrying Bric too much and for too long since I'm in that delicate stage. But how can I resist my baby when he looks at me or reaches for me?!? I have to admit that carrying him too long is kinda strenuous. He is after all already 20 pounds!!! So, good luck to me and most especially Boydee.

I am comforted that when I am about to give birth, my Mom would fly to LA to be with us. Hopefully, so will Mommy Shalene and my four-time-mothers sisters. Hehehe....

While Boydee and I will think of other ways to let Mila be issued a Visa, if and when all possibilities are exhausted, or none will present itself, then we will have to face the music. Leaving Bric behind is out of the question. We will bring our baby along... and trust that all will go well, and that we can handle him especially when he's super playful. (Perhaps by that time, he can already walk... and fast!) If we get through this, we can get through anything. Hehe... And when we all get back with our 2 babies, we will be a closer, more bonded family.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tomorrow's D Day

Tomorrow, at 1:30 pm, our Yaya Mila is scheduled to be interviewed at the US Embassy. We are applying for a US Visa for her so she can go with us to the States when I give birth to our 2nd baby. Hopefully, God willing, she will be issued a US Visa. Pleeaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeee....

We've actually grown so spoiled by Yaya Mila, it's embarrassing. Hehehe.... But for all the time and care she's given Bric, we really are just so thankful. Of course, that is her job, but still, there are some nannies out there who are just diligent when someone else is around, but when no one else is watching, she becomes neglectful. I feel Mila really cares and has grown attached with Bric, whether we're there or not. Hopefully, this is for keeps.

Speaking of our baby, he has grown so fast! How time flies. He now has 2 bottom teeth; can crawl 'snake-like'; giggles, as usual; clings and reaches out to people; cries when someone dear leaves; knows 'where's the light?', 'appear' and 'close-open'; his byes are an inverted wave with matching close-open of the hands. He's so much heavier and very full. Oh, we just love our baby!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lost in the Heat of the Moment

Just had an emotionally draining conversation with my brother. What he expected to be an understanding sister on the other end of the line turned out to be the outspoken, tactless monster. That was me! That’s how I turned out.

Discussing about his upcoming plan became an exchange of heated, emotional words, bordering even on drama. Out of frustration at not being able to express myself, I let out an uncalled for statement. Totally wrong statement, and now that I look back, something I totally regret. I didn’t mean it to come out that way. What I meant to say was for him to please, please think things over and not arrive at a decision simply because that’s what your heart tells you to do. But what came out were those hurtful words. Of course, he didn’t let that slip. Of course, if I were him, I also wouldn’t, and would, of course, take offense.

I realize that in many conversations we have with other people, especially people most dear to us, when discussing topics that are ‘delicate’ and ‘sensitive’ and, in this case, ‘high risk’, an exchange of words may be unavoidable. Because emotions are high, we may let out words that are hurtful, but aren’t totally meant; we may say things but state it the wrong, hurtful way. What gets lost in the heat of the moment are actually what is in our hearts.

And in our heart of hearts, what we really want to say is, we are really just concerned for your welfare and your family’s, we love you; because, really, if we didn’t love you, we wouldn’t be that emotional and frantic and paranoid.

But then again, if we had approached it more calmly and rationally and less emotionally, then those words which I want so much to take back wouldn’t have been said at all. And if there were total trust, the whole conversation would’ve been just a confirmation, not a confrontation.

For now, I’ve said my sorrys, although I know that what I said isn’t easily forgivable and forgettable. I shall sit in misery as I deal with my guilt and remorse. But then I should move on, forgive myself and hope my dear brother will forgive me. After all, when all is said and done, blood IS thicker than water.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Still As Special

I had my ultrasound today. I am now almost 4 months pregnant and so far, still have the same weight at **secret**! Hahaha....

Admittedly, I am not as 'careful' and watchful of my diet, as when I was pregnant the first time. Perhaps, it's because I already know what to expect. In fact, praise God, I didn't spot on my 1st trimester, nor did I faint. I had dizzying spells, and a few mild nauseous moments, but otherwise, I am so 'normal', maybe because my body has recently just gone through this whole cycle, it's still fresh in its memory. So, it's easier to adjust.

It kinda makes me guilty that I am not as studious and as super excited and expectant as my 1st but that doesn't mean this baby is less precious.

When I saw her (hopefully!!!), she was still small but she moved a lot. There is always that feeling of awe when you see that there is actually a life growing inside you. It is just so magical and humbling. Imagine, God giving and entrusting His own child to an unworthy person such as I. How can we be so blessed?!?

Each pregnancy is special and unique, even if the excitement is seemingly less. Each baby is a blessing and precious gift. And we eagerly await the coming of our 2nd, just as we were excited with our 1st. Hopefully, we will be blessed with a normal, healthy, strong, intelligent, loving and beautiful (or handsome) baby!