Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Caught With His Hand in the Cookie Jar

The headlines in the newspapers these days are all about the involvement of Commissioner on Elections Chair Benjamin Abalos on the controversial and highly disadvantageous broadband contract with China's ZTE.

Once again, Abalos is in the limelight and right at the forefront of blatant corruption and yet, he still manages to smile in front of the cameras and in effect, the Filipino people, and deny the allegations and accusations. Even if he is literally caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he still can lie and squirm his way out of the mess and seemingly come out "clean" and "free"! Of course, if you're talking about at least P10million pesos inside the cookie jar, among other things which may not have been exposed yet, then, you can pay anyone to defend you, or ask others to look the other way.

In the Philippines, our justice is relative, based 'on popular demand', and highly dependent on who is in power at the moment. Our government, which is supposed to serve, is ruled by people who are out to make a fast buck to the detriment of the people. Our so-called leaders are no longer concerned about values such as honor, dignity and reputation, because what drives them is self-enrichment.

So even if you're the leader of the land and thus the guardian of the 80-million Filipinos, you don't really care if good morals and values are being lived and upheld by your subordinates. Who are you to care when you're blinded by greed and thirsty for power?

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Abalos has the daring to lie and wiggle his way out because he knows he has a strong backer. Mike Arroyo, the 'father' of the Philippines, despite a wake up call on his conscience via a heart operation, still has not learned his lesson. GMA, whether aware or not of her husband's dealings, still looks the other way. Silence is tantamount to support. Three leaders of our country. Three obvious examples of why our country is not going anywhere, except down under.

Let them have three more years of stealing, cheating and lying. Their actions will catch up with them. Even if our justice system is ruled by people; there is but One judge for all. Unbiased and untainted, God will hold them accountable. They will have their day in court. Perhaps not now, not soon; not in our local courts; but there where it really matters. If only the Filipinos can witness that, will we have a field day seeing them wiggle their way out of this one!

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Zharmagne said...

That's Filipino politics for us. Too bad that due to perennial bad news, corruption and what have you, the younger ones are desensitized already.