Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Union of Two Families Yet Again

Last Monday, we all trooped to BSA Towers' Upper Penthouse to finally meet the Carbonell family for the first time (for most of us). By all, I mean the whole Dizon family. Only Bric was missing in action because he wasn't able to nap in the afternoon. So, there we all were, on top of a building, two families meeting for the first time, while rain drizzled outside.

The Carbonells are a funny bunch. Kalog, loud, very open and funny. A lot like our family too. After the night was over, I actually had a sore throat from all the laughing and shouting. It was fun!

Thanks to Zhar for the dinner which could've been served warmer (attention Ponzo's!) and for the fun time we had with your family. I'm sure Rod's wish will be granted - that our two families will have a close and lasting relationship. Again, we look forward to our completed sisterhood... as if hindi ka pa welcome no! Hehehe...

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Not only is it a union of two souls joined together by love, it is also a coming together of two families, establishing a connection because of the love of two people. "Strangers", now families, all bound through love.

To the Carbonells, it was a pleasure meeting you. Till the next 'family' gathering!

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Zharmagne said...

We the Carbonells had so much fun. My parents are so happy that I am marrying into a family like yours :) thanks for everything. For sure, my married life would be a bliss because I have a sisterhood in all of you.