Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Having A Baby... Finally!!!

This week, I reached the 140-lb mark. I've never been heavier in my life, not that I was ever ultra thin. But I have a GREAT excuse... There's life growing inside me. God planted a little miracle in my womb and soon, His baby will be born to us - two excited, nervous parents to be.

It took us over a year to get me pregnant. Back when I was single and a 30-year old virgin, I thought having a baby was an easy, most natural thing. Little did I know that there's so much science, technique, theory and timing that go into it. Oh, and so many well-meaning friends gave all sorts of "helpful" advice. There's having sex in the afternoon or whenever you usually don't do it; taking cough syrup before making love to improve one's fertility; applying an ice pack on Boydee's thingy to improve circulation; making love in a cool environment; making love doggy style; raising my legs after doing it and not making wee wee to keep the sperm inside and so much more. Of course, all pieces of advice were taken with a grain of salt so lest your minds go wandering off, we didn't follow everything to the book, AND we chose which ones were do-able and reasonable. (Rands, if you're reading this, masyadong censored ba? hahaha...)

We took it easy for a year, thinking the pregnancy was bound to happen soon. Having an irregular menstrual cycle didn't help any. It made it difficult to determine whether I was fertile, or delayed. So whenever I felt fat, I'd hope this was it. When I'd miss my period for a few days, I'd hope. Few times, I took the pregnancy test, praying "Hail Mary" before reading the results... and each time, it showed one line only (negative). And I'd feel frustrated and sad. And I felt sorry for Boydee also because I couldn't give him a baby yet.

After our 1st anniversary, we resolved to exhaust more efforts in making a baby. I prayed everyday the Novenas to Sto. Nino de Providencia and the Lady of La Leche; and on the 9th-17th of each month, Boydee and I would pray the novena to St. Therese.

I also changed ob-gynes. I transferred to Ate Rona's ob-gyne, Dr. Mitch Dado, and she explained the science of baby-making and the importance of timing. It helped that she was very warm, friendly, accommodating, intelligent and patient in answering my questions... and Boydee's.

She gave me Clomid to help make sure my eggs fertilize. The first cycle didn't work. I skipped the next cycle since Boydee and I were gonna be apart during the time I was supposed to be fertile. The next cycle did it! That was March 2006 and I found out I was pregnant when I was already 6 weeks on the way.

We had just come back from the US to visit Daddy who was hospitalized. I was feeling bloated and was tired easily. I was also a little delayed from my estimated day of my period. We were at our beach house in Cebu but I'd already bought a pregnancy test kit here in Manila. In the morning of May 1, I asked Boydee if I should take the test. He said yes, no harm in trying. So I took the test while he watched beside me. And for the first time ever, ever in my life (and hopefully his...hehehe...), the test registered two lines. I finally passed!!! I stood there in disbelief while Boydee ecstatically hugged me and said "I love you, Love!!!!", happiness in his voice.

The next day, we came back to Manila. I still couldn't believe it so I took another test. It was positive again. I kinda got convinced then. After several disappointments, I just had to be sure. So, I texted Doc Mitch and scheduled an appointment.

On appointment day, Boydee and I went to ClarkMed. Doc Mitch was smiling. I told her I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both registered positive. We had an ultrasound and there it was... The little baby, although it didn't look like one yet. But it already had a heart beat. I couldn't see the screen from the ultrasound but I could see he/she was there from the look of Boydee's face. Oh, how he beamed and smiled. We were both teary-eyed and overwhelmed by this blessing. This was it. God finally decided we were ready to accept His great gift.

I'm now on my fourth month. Occasionally, I read to the baby with Reese, Rielle, Raegan, Rogan and Boydee, alternating. Occasionally, I listen to classical music. In the mornings, Boydee greets our little baby good morning in my womb. He would put his hand on my tummy and say "Hello Baby!". And my heart melts.

We pray for a normal and healthy baby and a safe and normal delivery for me. We pray the baby will grow up to have a kind and loving heart and will discover God early and be His friend.

Looking back, I realize God never left us alone, despite my feelings of frustration before. He gave us enough time to enjoy the two of us and adjust to married life. He gave us time to bond with the family and take care of Daddy. He gave us the opportunity to travel together as husband and wife without the 'hassles' yet of babies.

God was watching over us all along. And just like how Boydee and I found each other and loved, God also just waited for the right time for the baby to come along... It's all on His own time. And now, I'm having a baby... finally!!! :-D

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I discovered sisterhood at 30 years old. On October 30, 2004, I officially gained two sisters and only then did I realize how much fun it could be.

I was born an only daughter to my Daddy Victor and Mommy Nonie. I grew up with two older brothers who treated me no differently than them. So I played with robots and hand me down toys. The first time I discovered Barbie was in my elementary years when one of my godparents gifted me with one. (Not that I became much of a doll person after that.) I felt I didn't miss much not having a sister. I was happy having two brothers.

Mom said she would have wanted another baby after me but I told her I was glad she didn't. So I'd remain the only girl forever. No competition, no person to share my toys and books with, no other daughter who can claim the 'Daddy's Girl' tag. I was the only daughter, and I would never have had it any other way. (Oh boy, do i sound bratty! :-D but I wasn't spoiled. I just really liked the title. hehehe....)

Growing up, I made a lot of friends and kept close friendships and special ones - best friends, super duper close friends, friends-since-childhood friends, etc... Some friends like Gina in high school and May in college til now were like sisters to me. We shared secrets, random thoughts, fears, joys, boy talks and a number of life's milestones. They were the closest thing I had to having a sister. And I realized having a sister wasn't so bad after all. But being an only daughter was still way cooler. hehehe...

Now, marriage to my one true love has gifted me with two sisters.

Ate Rona - the "tough" Ate who can actually be such a softie, the tall, a little on the heavy side Ate who has a heart that's equally big, the seemingly hot tempered Ate who is actually very warm, funny and brightens up the room with her gregarious personality, her interesting character and her loud voice! :-D With Ate, what you see is what you get and you really can't ask for anything more. She's a real person, not to mention a great mother to her 4 kids. She's also the most active digi scrapper ever. Did I mention they share the same birthday as my hubby?

Then there's Elizza - the sweet wife of Rondic who once a friend, becomes your friend for life. She's the type who would stick by you, no matter what; who sees the good in everyone; who unselfishly gives and helps, and genuinely cares. She is a softie inside and out. Incidentally, we're going through our pregnancies together. How cool is that?

The three of us. We're sisters and we've formed a sisterhood. We share the same office, took photoshop classes and photography classes together, eat a lot together, carry a Dizon family name, sometimes live together, go on vacations together, share so many other things. We think of potential businesses/projects/rackets (The Candid Company photo studio or something like that, the Scrapbooking Sisters...), get into a common hobby or sport. We borrow each others' DVDs, clothes (depending on where our bodies are in the weighing scale), accessories, etc.

It took me thirty years to discover the joys and possibilities of sisterhood. I have only just begun and there is a whole lifetime to experience what I've perhaps missed out on when I was a child. It doesn't matter that I'm not the only daughter in our present household. Sisterhood isn't a competition, or a race to get a particular title. Sisterhood is sharing, loving, growing and going through life together. And the best part is we share a bond much stronger than friendship. We ARE a family.