Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Without Bric

Today, I found the time to pack up half a balikbayan box and update, sort of, this blog.  Bric is with Mama Rona and Papa Japa shopping in Belz Factory Outlet.  He CHOSE to go with them of HIS own FREE WILL.  Hehehe... So, I have a little more freedom today, except that I'm kinda missing him a lot.  Hehehe...

Yesterday was the first time we left him with Daddy Dic and Mommy Lai for one afternoon.  Again, it was HIS choice, he was wanting to be with Robyn, Riley and Ranger.  Lai convinced me that it was really ok for them to take care of Bric.  I was hesitant... not so much because I thought Bric wouldn't be ok, but more because I was worried for Dic and Lai.  Hahah... Bric is such an active kid and such a teaser.  He will test his limit.

So anyway, while we were out for a few hours to a car dealer with Rod, Zhar, Ate and Japa, Bric was with Lai and Dic.  When we got home at around 8pm, they were filled with funny stories about Bric.  

They talked of how Bric wailed for "Mommy" when he woke up from his nap.  Prior to that he was a good, manageable boy.  Post nap and realizing I wasn't around, he was "nagwala".  Poor baby... I mean, poor Rondic and Lai.  They were trying to appease him.  Then there was once he squatted and let out a loud, foul smelling fart that Dic and Lai thought he made poo-poo.  When they checked the diaper bag, there was but a single wipe left.  hahaha.. Panic time for them.  Lai told Dic to improvise.  Ooopss.. til next time.. Bric just stepped inside the door.  

To friends, happy new year!!! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

With A LOT of help from Family

It's 7:09pm, Thursday and it just snowed yesterday in Henderson, Nevada.  Bric and I, together with Rod and Zhar, arrived last Saturday, December 14 and so far, I'm surviving without a yaya but with a LOT of help from family.  Thank GOD for family!!!

Boydee is set to join us on Saturday.  Counting the days...  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bric turns 2

We're all packed except for Bric's sterilizer and my night kit. We're off tomorrow for MAJOR Mommy-Son bonding to the US to spend Christmas with the Dizon family. I have butterflies in my stomach since I will be yaya-less for almost 4 weeks!!! The long flight alone is making my tummy jumble. But I will have faith!!! And I prayed to God for stamina! Heheh... :)

I am quite excited to spend time with Bric. He is such a bundle of energy! Today, he turned two! We had lunch at Choi Garden with his Ninong Rod and Tita Zhar who kindly bought a birthday cake for him. Ate, Japa and the Gavinos sang the birthday song for him on the phone but they couldn't make it to lunch since they were on their way to the airport to catch their flight to Vegas. Bawi na lang sa States in Chuck E Cheese :)

After lunch, we headed home and Bric took his nap. Boydee and I fixed our Christmas list and gifts. At 4pm, I brought Bric to the Doctor for his check up and typhoid shot. He was such a brave boy!!! Didn't even cry nor whimper when he was injected. Tita Doc was so impressed. She was also impressed that he can identify numbers and letters now. But what really got to her was how heavy he's become. In just two weeks, he gained almost 1 kilo! He is now 16kg!!! And he's only 2!

At 6pm, we (Boydee, Rod, Zhar, Yaya Mila and myself) heard Mass in Dela Strada and asked the priest to bless Bric. Then we bought food in Chow King for the house help and drivers. They sang Happy Birthday for Bric and Bric, on cue, blew the candle! He was so overwhelmed, he wanted to blow the candle again. So we lit it up for him... again. Hehe...

Turning a year older really has a lot of developmental milestones for babies. Last year, before he turned 1, he learned how to walk already. This time around, a few days before he turned 2, he's learned how to say 2-syllable words! He relishes the sound he makes when he calls me "Mam-mee". It's music to my ears!!! Just today, he's saying "Da-dee". He can also easily memorize songs.

In fact, we've rehearsed Jingle Bells for Christmas.
Mommy: Jingle
Bric: Bells
Mommy: Jingle all the
Bric: Way
Mommy: Oh What fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!
Bric: Hey!
And that goes on and on. His super favorite song is Old McDonald and he'd be the one to give us which animals Old McDonald had in his farm. Although with the animals he mentions, it's more of a zoo than a farm so he calls that song, Zoo. He tells me, Mam, sing Zoo. :)

I hope Bric had a fun birthday. As for us, I can only thank God for giving us this energetic bundle of joy to us. He is one not-so-small package of ultra-huge love! Happy Birthday Baby!!! We love you very much!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kikay Day

Today was Kikay day for me and Bric.

Bought Bric a stroller yesterday after bringing Mommy Nonie to the airport. I got Bric a Maclaren Triumph in a beautiful brown color with blue accents. This will be most helpful for our trip to the US. I mean, I can't be carrying our 15.2kg baby in my arms the whole time while carrying my hand bag, his diaper bag and my laptop bag. No, no, no. So, Lai was right! I do need a stroller in the airport. Hehe... And Zhar heaved a sigh of relief when I told her I'll be bringing a stroller. Rod and Zhar will be our travelling companions and I am thanking them in advance for okaying that we, Bric and I, travel with them. Hehe.. They'll help me take care of my energetic, hyper, lovable bundle of joy. :)

It was high time for Bric to have a trim. His curls were growing too long. So we broke in his stroller and went to Kid's Hair Salon for a trim. He sat on this black car and watched tv at the same time, I had to soothe him to keep him on his seat. A few minutes after, he was sporting a neat trim and we had lunch at KFC with Yaya Mila. He gorged on KFC chicken. Hehe... I think his favorite part in eating at fast food restaurants is that he can sip his water in the bottle with a straw. He looves playing with the straw and gulping with it. Hehe...

After his haircut, we went to our office. Then, he went home for his nap. I did some office work and proceeded to my appointment with Louis Kee. If there's anyone I trust with total abandon with my hair, it's Louie. He was introduced to me by Tita Margot Osmena and from then on, I have my once a year hair appointments with him. He's a bit pricey but he cuts and colors really well. He has that special ability of making his 'cut' look even nicer as your hair grows. He has his own salon finally at One McKinley Place in Taguig. It's behind McDo and UCC.

A few hours after, I was on my way home, hot headed from being hungry. I ate bihon and turbo'd chicken while watching Dyosa and Betty La Fea. Then, I semi-packed for our trip. Ordered Yellow Cab Pizza and am blogging now.

Will zzzzzzzz soon. :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I'm all frantic what with Christmas Day coming up and we're almost leaving for the States. So, Boydee and I worked on our, mostly his, list while I did most of the shopping.

My favorite Shopping place for kids is Rustan's in Edsa. They truly know how to make me feel like a queen. Now, there's a store that champions customer service! They really take care of you.

Another recent discovery of mine is Makro. We went there to scout for Christmas baskets for our staff. Robert, the one in charge of the foods section, was so efficient and helpful.

Thank goodness we already have stores who make customer service a priority. It takes a load of pressure off especially with the Christmas rush.

To Rustans and Makro, keep up the good work!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Birthday and Christmas Gift Suggestions for Bric

This post should read... What Mommy Wants for Bric on his Birthday and/or for Christmas. Hehehe... So, for all of Bric's Ninongs and Ninangs out there who will be reading my blog, this one's for you.

Educational toys - may include books (hard pages), coloring books, blocks, etc.

Clothes - His size is anywhere between 3T-4T. And he's only just about to turn 2 this December 13.

Shoes - His feet is already 6 inches... Not sure what shoe size that translates to.

What he's loving right now: Animals!!!, Sesame Street characters, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lion King (he can memorize the songs in this film but can't pronounce them yet. hehe)
Runners Up: Pooh and Santa Claus :), Dora

There! That should make things easier :)