Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I'm all frantic what with Christmas Day coming up and we're almost leaving for the States. So, Boydee and I worked on our, mostly his, list while I did most of the shopping.

My favorite Shopping place for kids is Rustan's in Edsa. They truly know how to make me feel like a queen. Now, there's a store that champions customer service! They really take care of you.

Another recent discovery of mine is Makro. We went there to scout for Christmas baskets for our staff. Robert, the one in charge of the foods section, was so efficient and helpful.

Thank goodness we already have stores who make customer service a priority. It takes a load of pressure off especially with the Christmas rush.

To Rustans and Makro, keep up the good work!

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Nongnong said...

Noted Kumare!

You gave me an idea.

Will also post Nongnong's wishes for Christmas!

He he he!