Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Final Goodbye

Tita San breathed her last breath on earth yesterday morning at 11:20; and then she slept, and slept, never to wake up again except in heaven. Finally, she can rest... but not after putting up such a great fight.

Rosanna Eloisa Papa Sargan was 50 years old when she passed. She left behind her three children, and her partner of many, many years. She also left us, family and friends, whom she has touched. She left us a void; but she also left with us beautiful memories. And for that we are grateful.

I will always remember her as a woman who lived, loved, and laughed. Here was a woman who embraced life, fought for it until the very end. Here was a woman who loved, totally, unselfishly, selflessly, generously, protectively, fiercely and loyally. Here was a woman who laughed... at life even if times were tough; and smiled; unfailing in making others' lives a more joyful one. She was always one who never ran out of things to say; not that she was talkative. She always just seemed interested to know about people, to put them at ease, to share her own experiences and thoughts. She was open; she was warm; and she was so loving.

To Boydee, she will always be his second Mom, who took care of him when he was in the States studying. Both Tita San and Boydee would tell me that they've gone through a lot together. She would tutor him, help him with his homework, and would always, always prepare his lunch pack for him every single day, without fail. She imposed a curfew on him and disciplined him, just like a mother. She said she was more strict towards him than towards her own children because she owed it to her sister, Mommy Shalene, to take care of Boydee in her absence. But how she loved Boydz and all her nieces and nephews and the partners they chose. Love was always something Tita San had in abundance of and she gave and showed it so often, to so many.

We are very privileged to have been touched by her life and to have been recipients of her love, even if we wish and pray that we could have enjoyed that privilege longer. We thank God for letting our paths cross with hers, for planting her into our family, and for making her such a big part of our lives.

Now, as she journeys towards the better world, we ask God to send His angels to guide her path towards Paradise. Our world will be less animated without her, but we are consoled that we have found yet another ally in heaven who will watch over us. This time, even if we don't see her physically, we know she is there. She's not just in our hearts, she is up there in heaven, spreading her love and the best part is, wherever we go, especially to her kids, we will never be separated from her again. She is here with us; she is free; she is more alive than ever before.

Tita San, friend, sister, daughter, lover, mother, room mate, tita, thank you for the gift of your life on earth. Thank you for the memories. You will be greatly missed... You will never be forgotten. Go, be free, and soar to Heaven where Jesus is waiting to welcome you in His warm embrace. You are in a better place now. We love you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodbye for now....

Just came back from dropping Tita Belen and Boydee to the airport with Bric. Boydee will be gone for 3 weeks. We'll miss him sooo much. Boo hoo hoo... :(

While he's away, I plan to use this opportunity to bond more with Bric and devote more time to doing things which I've successfully procrastinated on. I'll also be in the office more because Lai and I will be the only bosses left. Hmmm... should we impose longer lunch hours? Hehehehe... Just kidding! Anyway, here's a tentative list of my to-dos to keep me preoccupied and productive:

1. design Chateau de Busay website - Long overdue, so sisterhood, if you have any ideas!!!
2. design Chateau de Busay's menu - Again, loooooong overdue. Again, sisterhood, ideas are sooo welcome! Although I'm scheduling a photo shoot for the food in Chateau when I go on August. Per Lai, a menu is always more inviting for her if it has pictures of the dishes in it. It makes it easier to visualize. Point taken :)
3. renew my driver's license. This has been expired since October last year.
4. renew Yaya Mila's passport. Since I'm carrying baby number 2 (more in a separate blog), we're planning ahead and thinking of bringing Mila with us to the States, which leads me to the next to-do.
5. apply for Mila's US visa.... wish us luck..... (keeping my fingers and toes crossed!)
6. bank recon in MVC - ok, won't elaborate since Mommy Shalene might think I'm revealing too much :)
7. clean our room!!!! This time, I've asked permission from Boydee to clear out some of his clothes; clothes he hasn't worn for 2 years but are still hanging in his closet. Perhaps by the time he comes back, he'll only have 2 closets left for himself. Bwahahahaha!!!! His advantage is, I don't have too many clothes, so perhaps the closet count will remain the same. Status quo...
8. more office work... Since Randy will be leaving for the US and staying there longer, plus he has an upcoming honeymoon, that's added responsibility for us. To Randy and Stel, have fun!!! :) We'll man the fort!
9. take care of the Gavino kids. Bonding time for me and Raegan, Rogan, Raine and Ranger as I play mommy to them while Japa and Ate are taking a break to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a couple. Happy Anniversary to you both!!! May you continue to be an inspiration of good parenting and cool 'couple-hood'. heheheh....
10. whatever else i can think of or whatever else needs to be done. Of course, part of this will include helping Rod and Zhar with their wedding plans however way they want us involved :), bonding with the remaining brotherhood and sisterhood, spending more time with Tita San, reading with Bric, sleeping with Bric, playing with Bric, taking care of myself for the baby in my tummy...

All these while thinking of and missing my love. All these while counting the days til he comes home in my waiting arms and Bric's warm laughter. Bye for now, Love. See you in 3 weeks... We love you!!!