Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Meal

Today was eating day Sunday!

Breakfast was a ham and egg sandwich and a glass of milk. This was the only relatively "light" meal of the day. The rest was just gluttony!

Lunch was in Seoul Oaks, a Korean eat-all-you-can restaurant. It was actually so-so. Not that good, not bad either. I just expected more since it had good reviews. For $19.95, the price was kinda high. So we had to make it sulit and we ordered a lot... and finished it! heheeh... Thanks Randy and Stella for the lunch treat! :) Until now, I'm still burping Korean bbq!

After a walk around Town Square or Town Center?, we decided to have dessert in Serendipity 3, this famous dessert place from NY that's now in Vegas. The take out line was long but we were eating there. There was a 10-minute wait. I absolutely loved their Fried Oreo dessert. I ordered Chocolate Blackout cake. What a huuuuge slice!!!! We were 8 sharing it but we couldn't finish it! Loved their fries too! But the coffee was terrible! One huge cup of tasteless coffee. Nevertheless, it's still a place worth going back to.

When we got home, Bric, Yaya Mila and I went to the park to burn a few calories. Then, it was dinner time again! Mom prepared char-siu back ribs and marinated squid. Gulp! Busog again! Had pomelos for dessert while Roc and Stella tried peach flambe! I had to control myself. Too much calories in a day. Have to practice self-control!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Line Shopping

I was always the WARY on-line shopper the moment on-line shopping was "in". I've heard enough horror stories of identity theft and credit card charge frauds. But now that I've tried 'shopping' in, I'm enjoying this new way of shopping.

It's shopping without walking. Although it's still different to actually hold and touch and feel items in your hands, see with your eyes and smell with your nose, there are items that don't need the senses too much. Like books... and diapers... and items you already know and want. On line shopping is cheaper and quite convenient. Minimal delivery charge and cheaper prices too!

So far, I've been 'shopping' but I try to stop myself from buying too much. As Roc's hubby would say: Do you want this 'item' or money in the bank?

Of course, I much prefer money in the bank... :) Unless an item is too tempting. Hehehe..

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Down Days

I always thought being pregnant puts you inside a happy bubble, but this pregnancy is different. There are moments when I feel there's a storm raging inside my body, all those hormones just going around and around, whirling in my whole system, waiting for the time to blow, to burst.

There are times when I prefer to frown and look at the down side instead of looking at the bright side; times when I prefer to be alone and away from everything, everyone and yet there are times when I just wish all my loved ones were here with me.

Do I blame this state of 'depression' to my hormones? Is it really that? Or is it all a matter of attitude? I just pray and wish that my mood swings and my dark thoughts don't affect our Brody.

Life in the US is pretty lonely and there are times when I feel helpless. I am soo homesick. Nights I find myself counting the days til Brody comes out so that in time, we can all go back home to the Philippines. Even Mila feels lonely. For people in the Philippines, they have this American dream... but not all of the "American Dream" is even bright and sunny. I would never trade living in the Philippines for living here in the States. I just wasn't wired this way. I am a Filipino and I am at home in the Philippines... Here, now in Vegas, I feel like a fish out of water, I feel I don't belong. I feel so disoriented.

In time, I know I'll get used to this all over again. I just wish we weren't too far away from home and my stay wouldn't seem as long as it feels...

Then again, when my hormones have settled, I may feel better yet again and all these 'lonely' and 'sad' thoughts will be replaced by happy thoughts and wide smiles.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sprite, Water

We were having lunch in a dimsum restaurant in Vegas. Bric was enjoying his crispy shrimp wanton when he got thirsty. Yaya Mila was busy eating as well so she accidentally gave Bric her glass of Sprite instead of his water.

When Bric drank from the glass, his face crumpled and he spit it out! It was his first taste of softdrinks. Thank God he didn't like it! hahaha...

The sight was just so funny! :) Wish I had taken a picture! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pancakes. Attempt 1

It's our 3rd day in Vegas and for the 3 months that I'll be staying here, I have told myself to learn how to cook yet again. So today, I decided to make the simplest thing... ready mix pancakes for breakfast.

Did my mise-en-place. Aunt Jemima's ready mix, measuring cup for dry and wet measures, pan, butter, utensils, etc. Then followed the instructions of the box to a T! 2 cups of pancake mix, 1.5 cups of water, then stir!

Heated the pan, buttered it a bit then poured the mix. The mixture looked lumpy but ok. I wanted my pancakes fluffy. The pan cake mix looked flat when I first poured it and looked small so I added some more. I totally forgot that the mixture would rise. So I ended up with half an inch thick of pancake with a 6-inch diameter. Mighty too big and when I flipped it, because of its size, I couldn't completely flip it over without it folded in half. Sigh...

The 2nd pancake was slightly better. By the 3rd try, with my hubby's advice, I added a bit more water to the mixture to make it lighter. Then poured just one 'ladle' size of mixture. Turned out better.

Made a total of 6 pancakes. I ate the 1st pancake to destroy the 'evidence' of my kapalpakan. Oh well, I told my hubby, there's always a first time. It's so different having cooking theories in my head and actually getting to do it. But hopefully, I won't be content with just toasting bread and frying eggs. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 01, 2010

6 months

We are anticipating a new addition to our family! A baby brother for Bric and another son for us. I'm already 6 months, 3 weeks and few days on the way. Baby is moving and kicking so much, as early as 4 months old, actually.

Can't wait to welcome him into our world! I pray he and Bric will share a special bond of closeness like my brothers, Jojo and Louie. I pray... I pray for a lot of things for him but I pray so much that he will be normal, healthy, happy, handsome, intelligent, straight, loving and kind hearted. I pray he will grow up to be a good Catholic boy and will bring pride and joy to our family especially to his Lolas...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cory and Mom: A Simple Friendship

I visited Tita Cory’s wake yesterday with my mom and 2 of her friends. My Mom was one of the chosen few who were asked to speak during Tita Cory’s necrological services.

Listening to some of the speeches brought me back memories of my days in Cebu and visits in Manila when Mom and I would be in Tita Cory’s company. Those were the days when I was Mom’s constant companion, her shadow. But Tita Cory never made me feel like one.

As the shadow, I saw how their friendship developed. I saw the common thread that tied both of them together – their simplicity, their joy in little pleasures, their ‘cheap thrills’ when they go shopping and find good bargains or when they get latest scoops of showbiz chismis. Most importantly, it was their shared love for family, for shared memories of their husbands who have gone before them and for their unquestioning faith in God and the undeniable power of prayer in facing adversities in life that solidified their friendship.

Together, they were mothers who consoled each other when their child went astray. They were doting grandmothers – they would ‘show and tell’ pictures and stories of their beloved apos. They were simply two friends enjoying one another’s company. With Tita Cory, you did not feel ‘small’. She was real. She was human and very, very genuine. She was pure. She had no pretenses. She was the good in every human being. You just knew that her friendship with God was real. You knew she had a direct line to Mama Mary.

I am fortunate to have seen how Tita Cory was up close and personal through the friendship she shared with my Mom. I am blessed that she stood as our Ninang during our wedding. I cherish her gifts. I am grateful that she considered Mom her close friend. I am thankful I was given the opportunity to have been touched by her… even only as a shadow.