Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pancakes. Attempt 1

It's our 3rd day in Vegas and for the 3 months that I'll be staying here, I have told myself to learn how to cook yet again. So today, I decided to make the simplest thing... ready mix pancakes for breakfast.

Did my mise-en-place. Aunt Jemima's ready mix, measuring cup for dry and wet measures, pan, butter, utensils, etc. Then followed the instructions of the box to a T! 2 cups of pancake mix, 1.5 cups of water, then stir!

Heated the pan, buttered it a bit then poured the mix. The mixture looked lumpy but ok. I wanted my pancakes fluffy. The pan cake mix looked flat when I first poured it and looked small so I added some more. I totally forgot that the mixture would rise. So I ended up with half an inch thick of pancake with a 6-inch diameter. Mighty too big and when I flipped it, because of its size, I couldn't completely flip it over without it folded in half. Sigh...

The 2nd pancake was slightly better. By the 3rd try, with my hubby's advice, I added a bit more water to the mixture to make it lighter. Then poured just one 'ladle' size of mixture. Turned out better.

Made a total of 6 pancakes. I ate the 1st pancake to destroy the 'evidence' of my kapalpakan. Oh well, I told my hubby, there's always a first time. It's so different having cooking theories in my head and actually getting to do it. But hopefully, I won't be content with just toasting bread and frying eggs. Wish me luck!

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