Sunday, August 24, 2008

Down & Out

Been down and out for three whole days with stomach flu and fever. Had stool exam and CBC counts done and all yielded normal results. Thank God! Now, my 3rd day, I'm feeling better although there are temporary and occasional bouts of weakness and wooziness emanating from my joints or my intestines!!! But overall, I think I'll live! :)

Just came from watching Cinderella in CCP with Boydee and Mommy Nonie. The rest of the Dizon clan watched ahead of us but since Mommy Nonie was watching today with Marissa and Elvira, we decided to accompany her.

Cinderella has always been MY favorite fairy tale of all. Somehow, when I was a child, I was enamored by the thought of being swept off my feet by a Prince. When Boydee and I were just in that sweety-sweety stage, I gave him a Cinderella book with the dedication that went: Here's hoping and praying we are each other's missing pieces and that we're both holding on to our glass slippers - hoping and praying they're the right fit! Fast forward to today, and guess what! The glass slippers still fit smugly!!! :) Now back to the play!

Save for the poor vents of the CCP Theater which were aimed directly at my newly healed head, I enjoyed the show. Nevermind if Lea Salonga was way too short for Prince Chris or was the Prince too tall for Lea (as in their song: Are you wonderful because I love you OR do I love you because you're wonderful); nevermind if Lea's wig needed much improvement; nevermind if I already know the story by heart and not one song sounded at all familiar.

The props were wonderful, the cast save for the major ones were exceptional, the stage was magical. The lighting was awesome, too! During the curtain call, everyone gave Lea a standing ovation. I got teary eyed. My heart swelled with pride as I watched her graciously receive the applause. I was so proud that she's one of our own... a true blue Filipina!

Congratulations to Bobby Garcia, the director, and the entire cast and crew of Cinderella. Hope you wow'em all over Asia!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from El Nido

Just got back from El Nido where we spent three days of pure leisure and relaxation. It was a much needed break from all the work, 2 weddings, and stress in the city. More pictures in the next posts. For now, it's time to zzzzzzzz..... I'm sooo sleepy :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, My Despedida de Soltera Album!

I have finally, finally finished my Despedida de Soltera album. After 4 years!!! Hehehe... I started scrapping them this year and now here it is! Will have it printed into an album soon! :)

Here are some sample pages :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PJ Party for Ate, Boydee & Zhar!

We've been having theme parties to celebrate Boydee's and Ate Rona's birthday since 2005 when I started organizing their birthdays. Of course, Ate Rona didn't have much choice since she celebrates the same birthday as my hubby, only that she was born a year earlier. Hehe...

We had the Kamayan party in 2005, Spanish in 2006 and Mexican in 2007. It was in the Mexican themed party when we started to include costumes. Our guests had to come in a cowboy, or mexican outfit. The best part is, everyone played along!!! I LOVE organizing parties with the Dizons!!! If I organized one for the Uys, only Mom and I would be dressed to the nines. Hehehe...

Anyway, this year, Boydee thought of the concept. Yup, my hubby, the celebrant... And I think it was a fantastic idea. Since I wanted to order The Plaza's delish Ham with pan de sal and Fresh Corned Beef and vegetables, we decided to feature an all breakfast menu. We had aside from the 2 mentioned above: chicken and pork tocino, arroz caldo and tokwa't baboy (Lai's request), fried spaghetti bolognese (Ate Rona's request but Melinda decided at the last minute NOT to make it fried!), fried eggs, eggs benedict sauce, then Mom couldn't resist adding pork tocino and bacon. Rondic added chicharon and dinuguan and puto from Kusina ni Virginia. The chicharon was a hit! Even Bric loved it!!! Hehehe...

For dessert, Michelle Hechanova, our wedding cake supplier of Dad and Mom's Ruby, gifted Ate Rona with a Choco cake since she felt really bad that Ate wasn't able to partake of the choco layer in the wedding cake. Sweet of her!!! I also ordered Delize's Pistachio Sans Rival which was devoured in a matter of 1 day and a half. Mom also bought Hizon's ensaymada since we were serving HOT chocolate. That was our feast!

With the help of Zhar, we executed her idea of the bedtime set up. All the rectangular tables were lined up and topped with bedsheets. Our centerpiece was a pillow, a stuffed toy and a children's book... all courtesy of Mom's and, of course, Bric's, collection. Hehe... Here are some pictures of the party.

Baby Tyler, our newest nephew, surrounded by chicks and mother hens. Hehehe..

Tita Zenaida with Zeena!

All ready for a sleep over!!!

Our Mini Family (before Bric went to bed...)

Hugh Hefner and Jet Li! hehehe...

To Ate Rona and Zhar, happy birthday Sisters!!! Love you both!!!

To my one true love, 38 years ago, you were born for me! I love you with my life!!! Mwah, mwah, mwah!!!