Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, My Despedida de Soltera Album!

I have finally, finally finished my Despedida de Soltera album. After 4 years!!! Hehehe... I started scrapping them this year and now here it is! Will have it printed into an album soon! :)

Here are some sample pages :)


Rona said...

WOW, Bang! You've been busy! A whole album?!!??!! WHoa! Can't wait to see the entire album! The pages look great!

Elizza said...

WOW!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! NOW can we go back to our baby albums?!?!?! hehe

Zharmagne said...

Hey cool!! Dapat pala you hired anna to dance back then hahahah!

Im looking forward to making my own album.

Cool. TFS! O, diba?

chubbyprettylicious said...

ooohhhhh...i am so happy to be a part of this wedding and of course the album!!!!!!kisses hope to really really bond with you soon.missing you bang!!!!