Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Meal

Today was eating day Sunday!

Breakfast was a ham and egg sandwich and a glass of milk. This was the only relatively "light" meal of the day. The rest was just gluttony!

Lunch was in Seoul Oaks, a Korean eat-all-you-can restaurant. It was actually so-so. Not that good, not bad either. I just expected more since it had good reviews. For $19.95, the price was kinda high. So we had to make it sulit and we ordered a lot... and finished it! heheeh... Thanks Randy and Stella for the lunch treat! :) Until now, I'm still burping Korean bbq!

After a walk around Town Square or Town Center?, we decided to have dessert in Serendipity 3, this famous dessert place from NY that's now in Vegas. The take out line was long but we were eating there. There was a 10-minute wait. I absolutely loved their Fried Oreo dessert. I ordered Chocolate Blackout cake. What a huuuuge slice!!!! We were 8 sharing it but we couldn't finish it! Loved their fries too! But the coffee was terrible! One huge cup of tasteless coffee. Nevertheless, it's still a place worth going back to.

When we got home, Bric, Yaya Mila and I went to the park to burn a few calories. Then, it was dinner time again! Mom prepared char-siu back ribs and marinated squid. Gulp! Busog again! Had pomelos for dessert while Roc and Stella tried peach flambe! I had to control myself. Too much calories in a day. Have to practice self-control!!!!

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