Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Line Shopping

I was always the WARY on-line shopper the moment on-line shopping was "in". I've heard enough horror stories of identity theft and credit card charge frauds. But now that I've tried 'shopping' in Amazon.com, I'm enjoying this new way of shopping.

It's shopping without walking. Although it's still different to actually hold and touch and feel items in your hands, see with your eyes and smell with your nose, there are items that don't need the senses too much. Like books... and diapers... and items you already know and want. On line shopping is cheaper and quite convenient. Minimal delivery charge and cheaper prices too!

So far, I've been 'shopping' but I try to stop myself from buying too much. As Roc's hubby would say: Do you want this 'item' or money in the bank?

Of course, I much prefer money in the bank... :) Unless an item is too tempting. Hehehe..

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