Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bric turns 2

We're all packed except for Bric's sterilizer and my night kit. We're off tomorrow for MAJOR Mommy-Son bonding to the US to spend Christmas with the Dizon family. I have butterflies in my stomach since I will be yaya-less for almost 4 weeks!!! The long flight alone is making my tummy jumble. But I will have faith!!! And I prayed to God for stamina! Heheh... :)

I am quite excited to spend time with Bric. He is such a bundle of energy! Today, he turned two! We had lunch at Choi Garden with his Ninong Rod and Tita Zhar who kindly bought a birthday cake for him. Ate, Japa and the Gavinos sang the birthday song for him on the phone but they couldn't make it to lunch since they were on their way to the airport to catch their flight to Vegas. Bawi na lang sa States in Chuck E Cheese :)

After lunch, we headed home and Bric took his nap. Boydee and I fixed our Christmas list and gifts. At 4pm, I brought Bric to the Doctor for his check up and typhoid shot. He was such a brave boy!!! Didn't even cry nor whimper when he was injected. Tita Doc was so impressed. She was also impressed that he can identify numbers and letters now. But what really got to her was how heavy he's become. In just two weeks, he gained almost 1 kilo! He is now 16kg!!! And he's only 2!

At 6pm, we (Boydee, Rod, Zhar, Yaya Mila and myself) heard Mass in Dela Strada and asked the priest to bless Bric. Then we bought food in Chow King for the house help and drivers. They sang Happy Birthday for Bric and Bric, on cue, blew the candle! He was so overwhelmed, he wanted to blow the candle again. So we lit it up for him... again. Hehe...

Turning a year older really has a lot of developmental milestones for babies. Last year, before he turned 1, he learned how to walk already. This time around, a few days before he turned 2, he's learned how to say 2-syllable words! He relishes the sound he makes when he calls me "Mam-mee". It's music to my ears!!! Just today, he's saying "Da-dee". He can also easily memorize songs.

In fact, we've rehearsed Jingle Bells for Christmas.
Mommy: Jingle
Bric: Bells
Mommy: Jingle all the
Bric: Way
Mommy: Oh What fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!
Bric: Hey!
And that goes on and on. His super favorite song is Old McDonald and he'd be the one to give us which animals Old McDonald had in his farm. Although with the animals he mentions, it's more of a zoo than a farm so he calls that song, Zoo. He tells me, Mam, sing Zoo. :)

I hope Bric had a fun birthday. As for us, I can only thank God for giving us this energetic bundle of joy to us. He is one not-so-small package of ultra-huge love! Happy Birthday Baby!!! We love you very much!!!

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Renee Valerie said...

happy birthday to my beloved bricky-boy! all my love and kisses on OUR special day :O) - love you! ninang val