Friday, December 05, 2008

Birthday and Christmas Gift Suggestions for Bric

This post should read... What Mommy Wants for Bric on his Birthday and/or for Christmas. Hehehe... So, for all of Bric's Ninongs and Ninangs out there who will be reading my blog, this one's for you.

Educational toys - may include books (hard pages), coloring books, blocks, etc.

Clothes - His size is anywhere between 3T-4T. And he's only just about to turn 2 this December 13.

Shoes - His feet is already 6 inches... Not sure what shoe size that translates to.

What he's loving right now: Animals!!!, Sesame Street characters, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lion King (he can memorize the songs in this film but can't pronounce them yet. hehe)
Runners Up: Pooh and Santa Claus :), Dora

There! That should make things easier :)

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