Tuesday, September 18, 2007


After the novena to St. Therese and a rosary, our yaya Mila still got denied of her US Visa application. Surprisingly, I didn't feel as devastated as expected. I also have not lost faith nor felt disappointment towards God just because my petitions were not granted. That would be too shallow and lame. Instead, I am looking at the brighter side of things. As my sisters, Ate Rona and Lai texted, it is an opportunity for me and Boydee to bond with our adorable Bric!

The burden would most likely fall on Boydee's hands especially since I will be heavy on my 7th month of pregnancy all the way till I give birth. And Mommy Nonie and her friends are already telling me that I shouldn't even be carrying Bric too much and for too long since I'm in that delicate stage. But how can I resist my baby when he looks at me or reaches for me?!? I have to admit that carrying him too long is kinda strenuous. He is after all already 20 pounds!!! So, good luck to me and most especially Boydee.

I am comforted that when I am about to give birth, my Mom would fly to LA to be with us. Hopefully, so will Mommy Shalene and my four-time-mothers sisters. Hehehe....

While Boydee and I will think of other ways to let Mila be issued a Visa, if and when all possibilities are exhausted, or none will present itself, then we will have to face the music. Leaving Bric behind is out of the question. We will bring our baby along... and trust that all will go well, and that we can handle him especially when he's super playful. (Perhaps by that time, he can already walk... and fast!) If we get through this, we can get through anything. Hehe... And when we all get back with our 2 babies, we will be a closer, more bonded family.

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