Monday, September 17, 2007

Tomorrow's D Day

Tomorrow, at 1:30 pm, our Yaya Mila is scheduled to be interviewed at the US Embassy. We are applying for a US Visa for her so she can go with us to the States when I give birth to our 2nd baby. Hopefully, God willing, she will be issued a US Visa. Pleeaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeee....

We've actually grown so spoiled by Yaya Mila, it's embarrassing. Hehehe.... But for all the time and care she's given Bric, we really are just so thankful. Of course, that is her job, but still, there are some nannies out there who are just diligent when someone else is around, but when no one else is watching, she becomes neglectful. I feel Mila really cares and has grown attached with Bric, whether we're there or not. Hopefully, this is for keeps.

Speaking of our baby, he has grown so fast! How time flies. He now has 2 bottom teeth; can crawl 'snake-like'; giggles, as usual; clings and reaches out to people; cries when someone dear leaves; knows 'where's the light?', 'appear' and 'close-open'; his byes are an inverted wave with matching close-open of the hands. He's so much heavier and very full. Oh, we just love our baby!!!

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