Sunday, July 06, 2008

And It's Rafa

It's 5:00 am. There's a new Wimbledon Champion and it's Rafael "Rafa" Nadal. The match took more than 4 hours of heart pumping, finger biting, throat drying action.

I was rooting for Federer, 5 time Wimby Champ, because he's known to be one of the nicest guys in Tennis and I always want good people to win... not that Rafa isn't one. I just wanted Federer to break records and make history.

But I have to admit, the better player won tonight. Rafa was just unstoppable although Federer did his darnest best, and almost won it. But Rafa's raw energy and athleticism won the game for him. Roger just had too many unforced errors. Although he did have 25 aces!

Oh well, I'm not sad nor disheartened that Roger didn't win. I'm happy for Nadal. Both of them are amazing players and great champions. Rafa deserved that trophy tonight with the way he played. What a match!!!

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Rona said...

Man, I fell asleep! and I SOOO wanted to watch this match!!!

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