Sunday, July 20, 2008

One More Week

It's 1:49 am of July 21. I have been trying to sleep for the past 30 minutes but my attempts have been futile.

We have one more week to go before the Ruby Anniversary of Daddy Boy and Mommy Shalene. I know it's not going to be perfect but at least whatever we can do to at least make it close to perfection, we do whatever we can and we do it within this week! Crunch time!!!

I went over the checklist, emailed our brotherhood and sisterhood, updated files, edited missalette, finalized some content for one avp, listed my to-dos for tomorrow. I thought I was pooped but when I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes, all that happened was my mind thinking of more wedding stuff!!! Gosh, the tension!!! And to think this isn't even my wedding!!! Hehe...

It's just a great thing that our siblings all kinda know our strengths and weaknesses. One fills in where the other one needs help. One does what one does best. One does what's asked. Hehe... All of us do what we can to make the Ruby special... all for the love of Dad and Mom.

It's also just great that we have a talented family, a cooperative and equally gifted support system in our relatives and co-workers.

One more week guys and gals!!!

Thank yous are in order but that will wait til after the Ruby... Lest Mom spots this site... although I know she doesn't... but I can't risk anything. So, til the next few posts...

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Rona said...

kaya yan! and yes, thank goodness for family, who band together whenever we need each one to pull something like this together.

and thank YOU for being the organized one :)