Thursday, July 10, 2008

HK Disney (Part 3)

HK Disneyland Hotel...

We finally had our room at the end of a long afternoon at the park. Bric woke up to an unfamiliar but very tempting to explore place... So, he forced himself up from his nap and ran around our room.

HK Disneyland Hotel is one of the 2 hotels in the Disney complex. The other one is the HK Hollywood Hotel. It's an experience being in a Disney hotel. There are cute Disney accents in the most used furniture or items.

Take this Mickey Mouse-shaped catsup.

Or their Seven dwarves toiletry kit:

Even their mirror had the Disney characters at the corners.

Being a family hotel, the hotel also had cribs available upon request at no additional cost. We got one for Bric.

But what took Bric's breath away was the telephone by the toilet bowl. He was so amused by its presence there, that it became his favorite place to play. He'd go there and lift it and say "Hello, hello". Hehe...

We had a late dinner at Crystal Lotus, right after catching a few minutes of the fireworks display of Disney from our hotel.

We went back to our room and slept... Amassing energy for the next full day in Disney.

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