Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks for Making the 40 Special!!!

Sore feet and a cup of noodles after, I still can't get the Ruby Anniversary Celebration of Dad and Mom off my mind. Just seeing the smiles on Dad's and Mom's faces, and a few tears here and there (maybe tiny sobs from Dad), was enough satisfaction for me that we did a good job.

I'm sure my sisterhood, cousinhood and even perhaps our fatherhood (Benny) will blog about the highlights.

For me, for now, many thanks to many people are in order. So this is my litany of thanks for those who made it special.

Let's start with the Wedding Ceremony and its parts:
...Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus for allowing us to turn the aircon on earlier and for acquiescing to our request of holding the 5pm mass at the Remembering Chapel
...Tita Vkyh for recommending the cleaners for the Shrine who did a tremendous job of cleaning the Shrine; for recommending Tito Jun Marcelino, our rush-rush costume maker and his main mananahi - Manang Anette :)
...the Choir - University of Sto. Tomas Singers, especially to Sir Fidel Calalang, their conductor and Pinky, their president for filling the shrine with their powerful voices and their beautiful rendition of "Ikaw" - This was a great song replacement and kinda made Mom's entrance more dramatic and emotional... sniff sniff....
...Bishop Tumulak and the priests concelebrants - all 15 of them - for blessing Dad and Mom as they renewed their vows of love and commitment to each other. Tony Rodriguez, our florist, who moved earth to get those pale pink peonies for Mom's bouquet and for decorating the Shrine, and the ballroom of Shangrila Makati with his beautiful creations. The fruits baskets could've been bigger, though :) and the votive candles more decorative. all the readers, offerors whom Ate Rona assigned... for doing a good job :) Rielle and the grandkids who did a fantastic job singing On Eagle's Wings. I didn't sing the response because I just knew I'd just ruin my eye make up yet again. Susan and Dorie for being our coordinator at the Shrine

Wedding Reception:
...Andrew's team (Happy Events) for the stage set up, lights and sounds and event coordination. I was very OC-OC so I have to thank you for putting up with our countless meetings, emails, calls and texts. Thank you for helping us mount a good show!
...Andrew, Jess and Beth, yet again for shooting and editing our opening spiel AVP.
...Shangri-la Makati through our event manager, Ina Alcuaz. There were a lot of major boo-boos (maybe because she's kinda new) but it's hard to get really angry with her because she's so sweet. Hopefully, in time, she'll be more adept. We were also kinda meticulous :)
...The chef of Shangrila for whipping up such fantastic gastronomic delights!!!
...Michelle Hechanova for her fantabulous!!! cake creation that just can't wait to be eaten.
...our La Vista staff - Rod, Randy Kalbo and Nora for assisting Ate with the Wedding gown Exhibit by the cocktail area.
...our office angels and staff - for helping out in the registration, logistics, and more!
...Margot Esplana, Noli and Miles for their patience, kalogness and hip choreography of our dance performance... We are sooo looking forward to practicing with you guys again!!! We miss you and our practices already! You were great, Lola! hehehe...
...our dancers!!!
Tito Rey - our last minute James Bond - Thanks super Tito!!!
Tita Tinggoy who was so present in almost all the dances (6 dances total!)... and for coordinating with Shangri-la for the Specialty Suite and Mel, the best butler ever!
Gelo for lending a hip hop flair in all the dance moves... hehee
Avic - ah... the model dancer for the kiddos and especially the angels!
The Ungco's - Tito Monching - Mr. Give na Give!!! hehehe, Tita Vkyh, RJ and bouncy Mavie who was such a trouper even if she seems almost about to pop! haha.. and Monique
Carlo Papa - Mr. Now you see him, now you don't.... But despite that, he memorized all the moves for James Bond and Boogie Wonderland! Thanks so much for showing up for Tito Rey's last minute practice :)
RJ Sargan - Mr. James Bond and couldn't resist Grease Lightning guy! hehehe...
Tita Paloming who couldn't resist the Tango!!! And who got all the moves in just 2 sessions!
The Angels - Bechay, Letty, Elma, Nora, Fe, Agnes - you guys surprised Mom!!! Thanks for being game and oh so helpful! :)
The PACEM priests!!! led by Fr. Alex - Wow! You guys brought the house down with your YMCA performance. Dad and Mom and even Bishop Tumulak were shocked that you were dancing! Thanks so much for joining us!

Lastly, to our brotherhood and sisterhood! We make a GREAT team! Hehe...
Japa - for the beautiful, touching AVP tribute to Dad and Mom... It never fails to make me cry!
- for being MY chief AVP guy - the avp movie quotes intro of Dad & Mom; the US greetings; and for introducing me to Mr. Ken Burns. hahaha

Ate Rona - our designated printed collaterals in charge and in-house designer.. hehe
- for the gift wrapper damask design, the missalette, the novena cover, and the labor-of-love guest book for the Ruby :)
- for coordinating the rehearsal participants :) and for taking over when I was vacationing for 2 weeks... hehehe...

Boydee - ahhh... my dance partner, my lifetime partner! hehehe... for being the sounding board when I was stressed and tense
- for being my co-conspirator of the program details, and other details...
- for being in charge of anything and everything in the Shrine; and for choosing the well-wishers who gave touching speeches!
- for never failing to move up the notch of the rehearsals with your malandi giling moves and feel na feel dance steps and matching emote-emote. haha...
- I love you forever!!! Hehehe...

Rondic - Mr. "Hyyyyydromatic" hehehe...
- for taking charge of the wines and hard liquor (where's my martel!!?? heheh) with matching wine tasting to boot!
- for the donation boxes!!! Hehe..., and glow sticks!
- for opening Monte Vista as our official dance practice venue!; for the food and drinks...
- for singing "The Prayer" a la Kalbocelli! hehehe... I'm sure Mom was moved!!! :)
- for taking care of the logistics on that day and for making sure our waiters were happy! hehehe... :)

Elizza - THE overall food in charge from beginning to end - meaning from practices, to the actual event itself! - tough job but you did it oh so gracefully! :)
- for the hilarious movie posters!!! We should have the original Shall We Dance poster of Dad printed... and framed!!! Bwahahaha...
- for taking charge of the giveaways :)
- for almost single handedly organized Mom's shower and making that touching AVP!
- for singing The Prayer at the last minute. With a voice like that, it just has to be heard!!!

Randy and Stella - What can I say but Wow! You guys were just professionals! hehe... Thanks so much for arriving on time!!! As in!!! hehehe...
- for dancing the tango flawlessly!!!
- for shooting the US well-wishers despite your hectic schedule in the States :)
Randy - for singing What a Wonderful World with matching piyok! hahaha...

Stels - for helping choose the mass songs, for coaching Randy - I'm sure it was you, not Randy who was leading the dance. (hahaha... sorry Rands!) and for singing "The Prayer" live!!!

Rodney and Zhar - for still helping and offering to help despite being busy with your upcoming wedding
- for choosing Jaime Tee and Jason Magbanua as the official photographer and videographer
- for sharing your wedding suppliers especially Jong of The Write Impressions for the beautiful invitations and Michelle Hechanova for the heavenly cake!!!
- for providing comic relief during rehearsals... hehee... just kidding :)

Rod - for being in charge of the Rockwell tent refund... hehehe...

Zhar - for being my 'partner' in wedding styling. hehehe...
- for the beautiful, customized cord used in the Wedding ceremony of Dad and Mom

For everything and anything (including those I may have failed to mention), thanks so much for everything! It's great to be part of this family!!!

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