Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back to the Daily Grind

I was thinking of taking the day off today from work, having just survived a gruelling 20 hour flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Doha to Cebu to Manila but there was 1st Wednesday Mass today so I just had to go to the office. Besides, Bric was coming along so we could do more bonding time.

After work, we rushed to Apitong for our dance practice. I so badly need this exercise because I've gained weight (yes, yet again!). It was fun and tiring, but satisfying as well. I got tense for awhile since the PACEM priests said they decided to just sing for Dad and Mom instead of dance. To think we've already prepared a number for them. After much lambing and convincing, my charms worked. Whew... Much credit of course goes to Margot, our game na game choreographer for making the dance steps easy and fun. So, off goes the harana number and in comes our dancing priests!

Of course I shan't forget to mention Father Benny who'll be dancing in our family circle. Hehe... I can still imagine his karate... I mean hustle moves. Hehehe... But thank God for family, relatives and friends who patiently attend each practice just so they can be part of our little tribute to our parents. Personally, all the work, effort and sacrifice for the Ruby is just my own little way of giving back, however little and humble, all the love, acceptance and affection Mom and Dad have shown me. I'm sure they've shown that to all those who are part of the dance. They are indeed much loved.

Now, it's time to rest my ACHING feet!

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