Thursday, July 31, 2008

40 Loving Years

Was it Father Anton or Father Benny who said that while life begins at 40, for marriages, the love peaks at 40. This has never been more true in the case of Dad and Mom.

It was finally THE day we've all been preparing for. July 27, 2008. On that day, Dad and Mom became the newly married couple - Dad, the proud groom, and Mom, the blushing bride. There is something that is just so heart-tugging at watching an 'old' (not of age, but of longevity) couple walk the aisle, or hold hands or kiss.

Make of our hands, one hand...

Unlike young couples who get married (yes, for the first time), we, married people, know that yes, they may be blissful now, but every now and then, the happy bubble will burst and there will be trials ahead. We pray that this new couple's love would be able to withstand all trials.

As for old couples renewing their vows, we, married couples, can only look with awe and admiration at the journey this couple may have gone through. Upon seeing the spark, the glow still evident in their eyes, we know that it is indeed true and real love... one that has weathered storms, one that has seen them through the best and the worst of times, one that will last for eternity. We can only pray that God grant us the same fate of eternal, infinite love with our spouses.

It was exactly that feeling with Dad and Mom. We have seen how their love remains strong and steadfast despite trials especially in relation to Dad's health. We have seen how, even with no occasion, Dad's eyes would lighten up at the sight of Mom, or how he, despite his sometimes weak state, would still reach out and strain his neck just to be able to give Mommy a kiss. We have seen how Mom, even when she's many miles away, would faithfully and consistently call Dad to check on him without fail. We've seen her patience, her strength and her faith. We've seen Dad's deep, deep love for Mom. If he could, he would do ANYTHING for her. And vice versa.
My Love, My Life

Watching Dad trying his best and on his own volition, walk down the halfway mark with Mom in the Shrine, with one hand in his pocket and the other arm holding Mom's, was, for me, nothing short of a miracle. We know Dad has been struggling with his walking, but on that day, he outdid himself! And it wasn't because he was pressured because so many people were watching; it wasn't because his children begged him to do so, or his nurses cajoled him to stand. No! He did it out of love for the one person he loved the most in his entire life. He did it for the love of Mom because he knew how much it meant for her.

The Ruby Couple

And that was for me the highlight of the whole celebration. Not our dance performance, not our speech, nor all the preparations. It was that one single, powerful moment. It will be that scene I will keep, I will cherish forever because it was a picture of perfect love.

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! We love you very much!


Rona said...

truly perfection! beautiful, touching words. perfectly said, Bang! WOnderful tribute!

Elizza said...

yes....true love...perfect love..!

p.s. everywhere i go....i see your comments! busy ka mag basa ha! haha!