Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oooh-some Massage

This Saturday was a full day. Had to wake up early for our 10am practice, then had a children's party at 3:30pm. What made it worse was my bum stomach. It felt like some invisible hand had grappled and squeezed my insides so tight. I'd have spasms every so often.

So Boydee and I, with Bric and Yaya Mila, decided to go home earlier than usual from Zeena's (Bric's future wife... hehe...) 1st birthday party. I was actually already drooling on the spaghetti at the kiddie's buffet spread but my stomach was just churning and grumbling. We did manage to smuggle a few chicken nuggets... thanks to Zhar and Rod for choosing a strategic table. Hehe...

When we got home, we asked Marivic to call Manong Romy. A few minutes and a spam & egg sandwich later, he was here. I was sooo weak, I plopped my whole body on the massage bed and let his hands do the work. And it was pure magic. He hit the painful spots, the achy joints and the hard muscles. Today, he did a fantastic job. I oohed and aahhed from pain and pleasure in between dozing off to sleep only to be awaken by my snore. Hahaha...

I have a funny view of hilots. Somehow, there's something mystical about them. They know which pressure points to hit if you're having a tummy ache, or a cold or a head ache, and sometimes these points aren't near that particular achy body part. I know it's reflexology but I betcha they didn't read text books on that. Perhaps this gift was passed on from generation to generation, or learned through experience.

I see them as psychic because they seem to know what's wrong with you just by feeling your body. I'm eating too salty food, or there's something wrong with your kidney, or I'm drinking too much cold water that's why my tummy's acting up.

Perhaps the believers and practitioners of science and medicine are skeptical on this alternative, all natural healing method. But whatever works for me, I take. So, whether it's magic or a studied profession, the manghihilots are here to stay... and I am just so glad that they're still in existence.

Thanks to Manong Romy for my two-hour massage. My tummy feels so much better now!

Believe it or not! :)

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