Monday, July 07, 2008

HK Disney (part 2)

Still Day 1, June 16. The weather was soo hot and humid, we were all sweaty and sticky by the time the Water Parade ended. We headed off to watch Lion King and since we were too early, decided to buy Disney shirts to change as we were just drenched.

It wasn't long before it started to rain so I took out my bandana and put it on Bric. We were on our way to watch The Lion King.

Bric was enthralled at The Lion King. He sat so still in Boydee's lap just watching the performances of the animals unravel before his very eyes. The show, after all, was indeed entertaining.

By the time we finished, it was pouring outside so we got our yellow Disney raincoats which Boydee and I bought in Anaheim Disney during our honeymoon for the Jurassic Park Ride... hmmm... or was it at Universal Studios? Anyway, Boydee and Bric wore them while I opted for my blue bandana.

After that, we had our usual photo ops and while walking around the park, Bric dozed off in the stroller. So, we decided to head back to our hotel.


Maviosa said...

Bric is sooo cute! He looks so much like you, wearing that bandana! Hehe. :)

Rona said...

Bric looks like a BANANA!!!!

Elizza said...

CUTE pictures!