Thursday, October 02, 2008

Watching the Experts In Action

The 2 weeks that passed were a daily ritual of office-hospital-house as Dad was confined at the Medical City since September 14, a day after his birthday. He was discharged only a few days ago, was it September 30?

While at the hospital, Ate Rona and Lai would bring their laptops and work... NOT!!! Hehehe... They would SCRAP! But of course!!! And it was a treat to watch them express their 'creativity' and I got a few tips and techniques here and there. Nothing like watching the experts at work!!!

Anyway, we're still in the middle of our Baby Album but in between, we're doing our Disney albums. I think Lai's in the lead with having the most finished pages. I just started two days ago and here's what I have so far. :)

This is my attempt at 'art noveau' style... hehe...

This is, of course, an extraction - one of my favorite techniques!

Spoiled by templates!!!

My attempt at using 'sweet' colors :)

Trying my hand at white space and 'earth' tones

Well, this one, I got carried away with the cute animal elements :)

That's it for now!

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