Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Long Process

Hey Sisterhood! What do you think of this LO? I've been at this for 5 days already-changing kits, re arranging the pictures. So what do you think? Suggestions are open! :) hehe... I just HAD to scrap this series of pictures of Bric and Tyler. It's just hilarious!!!


stella dizon said...

i love what you did to the photos, how you made it black and white but left the faces colored. I never imagined that green, peach and blue would look nice together. such a cute series of photos! was that mila who captured those moments in bric's room? :) bric progressed from "look at the camera" to "kiss tyler" to "tyler's crying again" look. so funny!

Olivia said...

that's why i had to scrap it. precious moments, di ba? the youngest dizon boys (for now!)bonding together. hahaha... :) Bric misses Tyler na! Punta na kayo dito! hehe

Elizza said...

GREAT layout, bang! but nicer if you can put journaling para when they look at that layout pag binata na sila with their girlfriends, matawa sila! hahaha! fast forward ba sobra?!