Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm all packed and ready to go but my heart is just sooo heavy. I'll be leaving Bric behind for a week to join Boydee in India for the JCI World Congress where he's running for JCI EVP. Torn between my two boys. :(

Already psyched Bric that Mommy will be going to "In-Ja" where Daddy already is. I guess he understood it because he's been ultra clingy the past two days. My heart breaks each time he cries. So, I made a mental note NOT to leave Bric this long. A week's kinda pushing it but I have to support my DH in his campaign. Hopefully, this is the last trip this year where we have to leave Brickoy-koy. He's getting to be really smart. I just wish his yayas and cousins will keep him preoccupied.

Boydee is in Delhi waiting for me with the 57degree heat and the overpriced hotel room. Tomorrow, I shall be all yours, Love! hehehe...

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