Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bric Floated!!!

This afternoon, after a full lunch, I wanted to move around just to shed off a few calories. I was thinking of walking outside to buy sweet corn for tonight's dinner. Before I was about to go out, I played with Bric. Then decided to take him for a swim. Melchor bought the corn for us. Hehe...

Bric changed into his trunks and we put on his floating vest. We dropped by our room to show Daddy Boydee while I changed to my swimsuit. I urged Boydee to at least watch Bric in the pool because it isn't often Boydee's here when Bric and I take a dip. I told Boydee he doesn't even have to swim, just watch. He said he'll follow. I took his word for it.

Bric and I went inside the pool. His floaters went up to his face. It was too big for him but he didn't mind. He kept on giggling and smiling. After a while, I decided to switch his vest to arm floaters. So Yaya Mila and I took his vest off and put on his Pooh arm floats. He loved it. It was then that we saw Daddy Boydee come up wearing his board shorts. Daddy was joining us!!! Yehay!!! I was sooo happy!!!

We played around in the water and Boydee held him. When I did one lap, he let go of Bric. And to my delight, he floated!!! On his own, and he was still smiling!!! He would spit the water out of his mouth or cough. But he was treading water and kicking and giggling and smiling and laughing. Oh what joy I felt! I was soo excited and proud! So was Yaya. She couldn't contain her excitement and took A LOT of pictures!

So today is a milestone for Bric. Our baby can float on his own without fear! My! Maybe I'll enroll him in swimming class. :)

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Elizza said...

congratulations to Bric! :D Truly a water baby! Can't wait for Robyn to join Bric in the pool....hehe