Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bric's Bag of Tricks

Bric is now One year and Three months old. He's growing up to be a big, happy, talkative, curious, smart, healthy and lovable boy! There's hardly a dull moment with him. He is just so full of energy. I am also very impressed at how fast he can pick up on things. Just for my remembrance (and his too), I'll be constantly updating my blog for the latest things Bric has learned and does.

At 1 year and 3 months, Bric:
- can get his diapers from the drawer so that he can change
- can get his shoes so that he can wear it
- knows how to "love"; he leans on you in a lambing manner
- waves Hi and Bye on his own. He waves to animate and inanimate persons, statues and posters with people.
- points at his ouchy if he has any and when we ask him to
- knows his nose
- loves to ride in his stroller and go walking around the village with Mommy
- looooves the water and swimming with Mommy
- calls "Dada" everytime he sees Daddy in pictures
- knows how to call Melinda "Da" and Mirafe "Pe"
- sits still and behaves well when he sits on Lolo Boy's lap while Lolo is on his wheelchair
- mimics us
- knows the animals dog, horse, cow, cat, bird, duck, pig and sheep
- doesn't cry during vaccinations and blood samples
- still knows 'nam nam' for eat and 'nana' for banana
- says 'no more' when things get 'lost' with matching twisting of hands
- likes Barney and music and songs
- loves to dance
- made a walk like Lolo Boy's walk (on his own!!!)
- loves to clap and be applauded (actually solicits applause!)
- pats himself when asked 'who's guapo?'
- pronounces dog 'doog'
- moves his forefinger when we say 'no' or 'hala ka'
- favorite words "nam nam", "baby", "mam"
- favorite food: pancit or any kind of noodle

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Elizza said...

journaling about bric's accomplishments is a great idea! you can even incorporate this in your monthly scrap that would go in our baby book! :) bric would enjoy reading that over and over again...and so would his chidren and grandchildren to be! thinking ahead ba?! haha! don't forget to do the same for your 2nd though! hehe! don't make the same mistakes i did! bwahaha!