Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Just finished 'celebrating' easter with the family. Our Easter Egg Hunt started at 3:30pm. This year was different. Instead of the eggs all hidden in the garden and with a particular color assigned to each kid, Japa made it scavenger hunt style. That way, the kids had to work together. They still had assigned colors but they had to help each other. First was the sample egg with clues inside that would lead to the next 'eggciting' destination which was the garden. Other venues were the nursery, the living room, movie room, game room, chapel and swimming pool. The hunt left the kids temporarily eggshausted! Hehe... But the lootbags Lai, Rejy and I prepared were so well worth the effort (I think!). I, for one, enjoyed playing with Bric's toys. And I'm sure Yaya Mila and Yaya Sharlyn will have a field day eating Bric's candies. Hehehe... Rejy set up the photo corner and we had our usual pictorials before and after the hunt.

Dinner was Kamayan with an all Filipino menu consisting of JT's manok and liempo, Melinda's prawns sauteed in garlic, palabok and lechon sponsored by Tito Rey. Halo Halo was the only dessert for that night. When all the guests left, and the tables cleared, the kids, or was it Tita Zhar proposed to play sack race. All kids joined and the 'adults' did cameos. At first, the kids were grouped in 2 teams of threes. Then, Zhar and Lai challenged the winner. I had no choice but to join since it was women vs the kids. Embarrassingly, we lost. Couldn't believe how slow I was! Lai was fast but mid way she couldn't resist the urge to pee. That's the result of having 4 kids. Hahaha... Go figure! :) Zhar, well, Zhar didn't finish because she kept complaining that the sack wouldn't fit her. So much so that she actually fell! Hahaha... It was a fun 'first round'. The next round, our men challenged the kids. It was Rod, Rondic and Japa. My hubby sat beside Dad and kept him company. The men won. Third round, it was adults vs kids. We won!!! Whew... We, the women, redeemed ourselves. There were many rounds thereafter but it was just kids. We grown ups were too tired already. It's just great how our kids have so much energy!!! The momentum waned when Mommy Lai asked the kids to help look for her missing gem from her shoe. She promised to reward P50 to the kid who'd find it. None of the small kids could find it in the garden. By that time, all the action of the running races caught up with the kids so they decided to rest. I found Mommy Lai's Nine West gem in the living room floor. So I earned P50 for tonight. hahaha... After a while, it was home bound for the Gavinos and Dizons and Carbonells.

Now, Boydee and I are in our room waiting for Mom and Ate Rona to arrive from their brief France trip. Today was a fun day. It's supposed to be the biggest celebration of the Catholic Calendar but the preparation and the hype isn't as big as Christmas. But it doesn't matter. What's important is what happens inside each of us. For kids, Easter is cool because of the Easter egg hunt and the prizes. My Dad used to hide eggs in the garden too and we'd get P100 for each egg we'd find. As I grew up, I learned more about the significance of Easter. It is Jesus' resurrection. Today is the day Jesus conquered death and sin and rose to heaven. With His sacrifice, we are saved. We have hope of going to heaven, of living forever. Today, we rejoice and celebrate Christ's resurrection and our salvation. Today, we thank Jesus for making that ultimate sacrifice of giving up His life to save us from eternal damnation. We better make His sacrifice worth it by doing our part too. Happy Easter everyone!

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