Monday, March 17, 2008

Precious Moments

There are those moments when you are just happy with the world... and content with your life. Moments when your heart is just exploding with overwhelming joy; or instances you want to capture in your mind and heart forever. Priceless moments. And yet they don't even cost a thing.

These moments are what makes life worthwhile. Moments like:
- an unexpected wet kiss from my darling hubby. Even after 3 years of marriage, this one still doesn't fail to give me butterflies in my tummy.
- Bric hanging on to me while taking our first shower together since he was a few months old. This happened today and he wasn't scared of the water drops anymore. In fact, he loved it!
- swimming or water time with Bric in the pool!
- my hiking sessions around La Vista with my party of 3 or 4 namely Yayas Mila and/or Sharlyn, Melchor, Rod or Oca... and of course, Bric on his stroller or in our arms.
- morning cuddling sessions with Boydee underneath the comforter. This is rated PG :) Just hugs and more hugs with a shower of butterfly kisses. :)
- Jesus time. There are times when even if the world outside is noisy, it is silent within me and it's just me and Jesus. There aren't even words in my thoughts. Just feelings in my heart which I know Jesus "reads". It's like lifting to Him my heart and knowing He knows what's in it.
- 'connections' with my family, individually or collectively - with Mommy Nonie, Ahia Jojo and Dhia Louie. Even if we talk on the phone, it's still different not being with them physically so I am just thankful that when we're together, the bond somehow is still there, or if not, we're rekindling them and building new memories especially with Ahia and his family whom we've missed for a couple of years.
- Daddy Boy's 'thank you's'
- Daddy Boy's big, big smile when he sees Bric. His face literally lights up and I'm just so thankful that our son is so loved by his Lolo Boy and that Bric can make him happy.
- bonding sessions with our family (the Dizons) who are like barkada: the sisterhood, the brotherhood, the parenthood... and all of us together!

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