Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brainless Activities

The title should've read 'Brainless Activities but Enriching Nonetheless' but it would've been too long. I'm talking about what I do when I come home from work and stare in front of the computer. By then, Bric's already asleep and Boydee's already into his game, all attention on his PC.

Since I don't like lying on the bed by my lonesome, I try to extend my sleeping hours to coincide with Boydee's. Sometimes, it works; most times, I still end up going to bed ahead of him.

Ever since Ate Rona introduced this kuripot-digiscrapper's dream site 'scrapping with ikeagoddess', I've replaced playing Bejeweled 2 with downloading freebies found in this site. This is one of those brainless activities, a past time used to do exactly that - pass the time, but after all the downloading is done, I get folders of new kits and templates to work with when I'm in the mood for some 'brain-ful' activities.

Patience is needed though especially since downloading can be s-l-o-w because of the internet connection. But otherwise, it's a great past time when my brain is too drained from working or thinking; or if I find the allowable scrapping time is too bitin.

Dowloading songs from Limewire is also one of those activities; and surfing the web. Less brain activity is needed but it's still an enriching activity.

It's a great way to pass the time. For now, I am going to bed since my DH has decided to call it a night too!

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