Friday, April 11, 2008

Caffeine Overload

We had a working lunch today - Boydee, Japa, Ate Rona, Lai and myself - while discussing about the columbarium management company we're setting up. Since I didn't have dessert, I asked Bang-boy for coffee. Somehow, Bang's coffee more often than not makes me hyper and restless. Today, its effect was negative. Somehow, caffeine doubles up whatever I might be feeling that day.

We finished our meeting and I proceeded to do some office stuff. Had a quick meeting with cousin Fritz to discuss about Sister Cel's vault inventory. Then it was back to work for me. My office table now is in such a messy state. Too much work this time. Isn't it funny how sometimes there's no work to be done, and all of a sudden, they all come and all at the same time. Pressure, pressure... plus the frustration of having to deal with inefficient people and the effects in the whole system thereof. Sigh... Hopefully, my pep talk and a few meetings can somehow improve the whole scheme of things, even if just a little.

Caffeine made me 'mataray' today. Or at least, that's how I feel because here I am feeling guilty again. It's hard to be an angel especially when I want to get things done. It isn't something that's 'for the sake of', but rather, it's driven out of passion. Sometimes, you just wish everyone had the same work ethics as a few of our staff. But then, it's reality that all men weren't created the same. For us, it's our duty and responsibility to at least lead them towards efficiency and dedication, although the latter is a little hard to teach. I just thank God that despite a few who make work a little harder, there are still a handful that make the job so much easier. So now, instead of being frustrated at those who test my patience especially during caffeine loaded days, I look at the brighter side and think of the people who give their heart to their work.

Moral lesson for the day: Don't drink too much coffee... especially Bang's even if it really, really tastes good, when there's a lot of work to be done to avoid collateral damage. :)

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