Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bric's Bag of Tricks (April 2008)

Bric is now 1 year, 4 months and 9 days old. I totally believe that when nearing the one year old mark, babies become like a sponge, absorbing and assimilitating, observing and imitating everything (or almost) they see and hear. It's amazing how Bric has learned so much already. Sometimes, I am just so surprised and amused with his antics and actions. It's soo endearing. I wish I could capture these moments on video but they happen so spontaneously, there isn't enough time.

Of late, these are his bag of tricks and developments:
- Knows and calls us by our names:
-Daddy Boydee - "Dee"; Mommy Bangbang - "Babam"; Ama - Ama (he got this right!); Lolo Boy - "Dodo", or "Dodo Bon"; Mamalyn - "Mama"or "In"; Mama Rona - "Mama"; Daddy Rondic - "Dic"; not quite sure how he calls Japa and Lai :)
- Yaya Mila - "Yaya"; Yaya Sharlyn - "Yaya" or "Ning" because Yaya Mila calls her "Neneng"; Sinny - "Ni"; Lovelyn - "Dabdab"; Mirafe - "Pe"; Melinda - "Da", Lolo Willie - "Wiwi", Pulido - "Bo" for Kalbo... etc... :)
- Vocabulary for the moment - "bobot" for big bird; "ming" for swimming; "dob" for dog, "bips" for fish; "ayts" for ice
- can make the sign of the cross by putting his hand on his hand and tap tapping til he says "Men" for Amen and clasps his hands together
- "Yes Sir" salutes by raising his hand to his head
- dances to almost any song!!! :)
- kisses... yehay!!!
- when I say "Love you" to him; he says "Mwah!" - Awww... my heart melts each time he does this! :)

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