Friday, October 26, 2007


Boydee and I just came from what was supposed to be a routinary 5-month Congenital anomaly scan of the baby and to finally determine the gender. Last night, I prayed for a normal, healthy, strong baby girl and on the way, I prayed the novena to St. Therese. I asked God for a daughter, this time around. But perhaps, I should've prayed harder for a normal, complication-less pregnancy and delivery.

The whole pregnancy was too fuss-free. Too fuss-free, in fact, that there were times I'd get paranoid. So I was kinda anxious to have my ultrasound today to check if everything was 'normal'. Little prepared us for what we were about to find out. But we took it all in stride. We know God is still watching over us, despite the circumstances.

The sonologist, Dr. Alexandra Cruz found out that I had very little, hardly any, amniotic fluid in my uterus. This early in the pregnancy signals a bad sign. While the normal level would be at 12 cm, mine was at 2 cm. That is really, really low and really, really grim. Boydee and I were stumped. Literally. I felt dazed out, as if this wasn't really happening. I mean, I couldn't and didn't even feel any pain, or any abnormalities all through out this pregnancy.

Possible causes of this rare occurrence are: hypertension, diabetes, placental problem, leakage (all ruled out), and most likely a congenital defect of the baby. It is suspected that our baby's kidneys didn't develop properly. At this stage in pregnancy, our baby is supposed to help in the supply of water. Find out more in this link.

As of now, externally, our baby is growing normally and his/her heartbeat is normal. We don't know how long she'll be okay given this situation. We will be seeing a perinatologist with our ob, Dr. Mitch Dado tomorrow.

For now, we pray God will see us through this ordeal, however way He wills it. We trust everything happens with His divine knowledge; we know He is with us all the way.


Renee Valerie said...

hi bang! just read your entry while surfing. will be praying for your safety and that of your beloved second. incidentally, i just want to share with you something similar when i had reed. when i had my US sometime during my 2nd semester, ram and i were alarmed and VERY worried upon finding out that our baby's kidneys were not functioning optimally - same thing, not producing the expected amount of output (urine) and thus not contributing to amount of amniotic fluid. although my amniotic level did not reach a low alarming rate, it was nevertheless a STRESSFUL issue for us. i was given a pamphlet to read up on regarding pyelectasis. initially, the doctor said it was a marker that increases the chances of having a child with Down's. so imagine how stressed we were over that!!! later on, as we read more literature on the subject matter, we found out that it's a relatively common finding US finding in pregnancy, especially with MALES (hint! hint!). - i will look for it and scan it as soon as i can so i can e-mail it to you and you and boyds can read up on it as well. take it easy and am sure YOU of all people know - GOD knows best; He will provide and will give you what you need in life. take care!

Olivia said...

Thanks so much Val!!!