Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Baby

It is so hard to picture Bric without a smile on his face. It is so easy to make the corners of his mouth curl into a smile or a giggle. I love my baby boy!!!

When Bric is asleep on our bed, I sometimes lie down beside him and just watch him. I can not help but thank God for this beautiful gift. Only He could have thought of making Bric the way he is - such a happy, smiling, adorable, cute baby! When I look at him, I wonder how this wonderful creature ever came out from me. I don't consider him mine, or Boydee's alone. I know he is God's son, no one else's. God made him. And I am just so thankful He entrusted this smiling baby to us.

When I was pregnant with Bric, I asked God for specifics. Now, on my second pregnancy, I still dwell on specifics but the details I leave up to Him. I know whatever I ask for, He can think of something better. I just really pray He'll grant us a baby girl this time. And perhaps, after I give birth to this one, I will give my body a rest, and devote my time taking care of my 2 babies who grow up sooo fast!

I hope our 2nd baby will be just as smiling as Bricky Boy!!!

ps Bric's upper tooth is showing!!! It's gonna come out soon!

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