Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thoughts on Turning 33

Nothing much.... Hehe.... Really. As the years go by, I become less and less excited about my birthday but more excited about the birthdays of my loved ones, especially if I have a gift I'm excited to give. Now that my birthday's just a few hours away, I feel "normal".

We're flying to Cebu tomorrow. By we, that's Boydee, Bric and I with Yaya Mila, of course; Daddy and Mommy; Rondic and Lai; Rod and Zhar. The boys are going to attend the JC Nat Con in Cebu while the girls are there to have fun. Hehehe... Dad and Mom are going to celebrate my birthday with me and to join the family since most of us will be there. Ate and Japa can't make it (boo hoo hoo) because it's Rogan and Raegan's portfolio nights. Randy and Stella, on the other hand, are on their honeymoon in Europe. Lola opted to stay in Manila.

Mommy Nonie and I are excited to have my family again in Cebu. More than my birthday, it's the trip I'm more excited about.

So anyway, my wish list...
1. A normal, healthy, strong, loving, beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted, happy baby girl who will get along with Bric and bring joy to her grandparents and parents. I hope she'll get my complexion, Boydee's happy disposition and heart, my discipline, Boydee's eyes minus the banlag, either of our noses, my hair!, my lips, my legs, fingers, toes and height, Boydee's butt!, his charm and my faith. If God decides to give us a boy again, then I wish for all things above except that he be handsome and straight. If you know what I mean. :)
2. Black skinny leggings that are ankle length and will fit me (maternity).
3. US Visa for Yaya Mila
4. To be able to leave for the US after Bric's birthday and party and still not be obvious especially to the immigration officials that I am on the way... A smooth entry into the US when I eventually go there to give birth
5. PEACE and Harmony
6. Good health, long life, continued blessings for Daddy Boy especially, our families and the people I love
7. Protection from harm for my loved ones.
8. for God to always be present especially in our family
9. success in our endeavors
10. A safe, normal, natural delivery :)

These wishes aren't particularly meant for my birthday. These are my daily prayers, minus the leggings. There isn't much I wish for myself because I am just so happy and content at where God has placed me now.

So, on my birthday, instead of wishing for stuff, I'd rather like to thank all those who've filled my 33 years with love, laughter and lessons. Most of all, I thank God for giving me a life so blessed with His presence. I thank Him for conjuring for me this dream of a life. I can not ask for anything better than what He has already given me. I thank Him for His friendship and for listening to me whenever I have something to say, for granting my prayers whenever my heart whispers to Him.

Thank You Lord for planting me where I am and for putting so much Love into my life through the people around me, through the little miracles You send me everyday. Thank you, Lord, for my life. I hope I will be a worthy instrument of Your love.

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Zharmagne said...

Happy Birthday Dear Bang! How nice that you appreciate everything about you and around you. We love you, Rod and I-- and we'll always will. Mwah!! Happy Birthday!