Monday, October 01, 2007

The 1st Talulot Festival!

In the latter part of August, Mario Martinez and Allan Nataya were given the herculean task of organizing the 1st Talulot Festival by the ExCom. They were supposed to get it up and about in just a short span of a month.

Never the weak and the surrenderers, they willingly accepted the challenge, despite sleepless nights and a foot or was it finger operation for Mario. And my, my, did they pull it off!!!

To propagate devotion and awareness of Saint Therese in our community and the presence of the Shrine, we decided on introducing and organizing the 1st Talulot Festival - a mini-Sinulog of sorts, and hopefully to become THE banner fiesta of Pasay City. It was to be a rose parade/street dancing competition. After a series of meetings, we got the cooperation of Barangay Captain Castillo who also helped us with arranging a courtesy call to Mayor Peewee Trinidad. Both were very enthusiastic with the idea. Barangay Captain was, in particular, such a major contributor to the success of the festival. He got all his Zone Leaders to participate in both contest categories.

On September 30, it was all systems go despite the gloomy clouds and the weather forecast of thunderstorms. Albeit the occasional drizzles and the wet ground, all the participants gamely strutted about and gave their all especially in the street dancing. We had 7 float contenders and 6 street dancing competitors. In both categories, VAB's Zone 2 made a sweep winning P30,000 and P20,000 for the respective category.

The zone residents patiently sat on the streets to watch and cheer for their respective zones. It was a successful 1st festival considering the short time given to both Mario and Allan. So, to both of them, congratulations!!! And to our MVC staff, the community, Tita Cora, Barangay Captain Castillo and his zone leaders, thank you so, so much for sharing our vision and your support!

Lastly, let us not forget the whole reason for this celebration. Let us remember St. Therese and continue to ask for her intercession. May more people come to know of her little way towards heaven; may more people be showered by her talulots (petals) of blessings and miracles; and may we, who have been touched by her love, always remember and remain grateful of her intercession.

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Elizza said...

Congratulations to MVC for a job well done!