Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back for Good

It's been a month of 'iwan Bric' trips this February. Went to Cebu for an overnight to work during Valentine's day with Boydee at Chateau, then went to HK with muy chikas and chico for an eating spree, and then finally, today, got back from Boracay with Boydee for a mini-honeymoon. Imagine, Bric picked me up from the airport three times this month. Now, with no trips in the near future being planned, I am glad to be back for good, temporarily, til another destination comes along. So, I told Bric no more iwan for now. And he was happy :) Heheh...

It'll take a few blogs to talk about our trips. That will have to wait (again) since I'm getting sleepy. Zzzzzz.... Will head to bed :)

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