Thursday, March 05, 2009

Visiting my Teachers

On February 13, a day before Sister Rose's birthday, I finally visited her in Tahanan, Manresa. The last time I saw her was when I was about to get married. I brought Boydee with me then, to introduce her to my future husband. Now, many years and a 2-year old son after, I visited her again. It was a long overdue visit! It was timely too since Sister Yang, my Chinese teacher, had just moved there from our school a few days ago. I was hitting two birds with one stone.

Sister Rosario Justiniani, for most Sacred Hearters who graduated in the late 70's up to the late 90's, is THE terror English teacher of our school. Surprisingly, she was well-loved and not a few graduates of our school would always go back to our alma mater and never forget to thank Sister Rose for imparting to us her knowledge of the English language and instilling in us the discipline to study and master our lessons. For elementary students who were not under her yet, she was the nun who would always nag us to keep away from her garden. In my senior year, I was finally given the opportunity to be under her. She helped me with my Valedictory address, editing what I had written and guided me during its delivery, telling me when to stop, when to make hand gestures, when to just pause. She was a mentor and the best part, she gave me high grades!!! Hehe...

Sister Teresita Yang, on the other hand, was one of the most gentle teachers of our generation. The story of her life can be summarized into one sentence: I go where God takes me. I submit to the will of God. Make that two sentences... :) Sister Yang reminds me of St. Therese, her namesake. She is humble, meek, soft-spoken and a very faithful follower of God.

On that day, I was supposed to be with Julie Christy, my high school batchmate but her son Josh got sick suddenly so she had to back out at the last minute. She sent her barbecue tho while I brought bilaos of pancit palabok. I brought Bric and Robyn with me. The sisters adored the babies!

I didn't know that Sister Georgette was already Provincial Head of the congregation. That means she's in charge of all the schools of Hijas de Jesus in the Philippines. When she knew I was there, she dropped by to say hello. She was in the middle of a meeting with Mother General - as in the head of the whole Hijas de Jesus in the whole world.

Sister Georgette was also one of the terror nuns when I was still in High School. I remember in Junior year, I was one of those she called to see her in her office to ask if I was sure I was ready to take the retreat. Of course I was. Hehe... That's when I realized I wasn't one of her favorites. Haha... Perhaps she thought I was talkative or didn't have my priorities straight, I'm not sure. Anyway, when I was serving as an officer and then president of our Alumnae Association, we were already quite close. By then, she was already Head of our school. From what I've seen, she was an upright and forward thinking Principal who achieved a good balance between what the school wanted for her students and what the students and parents wanted from the school. It was evident that her wisdom, management and leadership skills would get her places. And it did. She's now Provincial Head right? All for the glory of God.

I spent an afternoon with our Sisters. This was a first time in a long time that I got to be with them again. I promised Sister Rose I'll call on her again!

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Zharmagne said...

Awww.. what a nice treat! You're lucky your teachers are still at your school. Most of mine have migrated to the States to seek greener pasture.

I'm sure you were a teacher's pet (like me!!) :P