Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mini Reunions in Cebu

Cebu will NEVER be completely 'home' and 'familiar' without my precious friends. I met up with a few of my dearest ones while I was there.

My ZJC Mares. Grace will be leaving us to join her hubby in Perth, Australia so we had a despedida for her. A few days before that, we also met up because I was visiting. We had lunch at Cyma, then the despedida was at Golden Cowrie, all in the new Terraces of Ayala.

ATOM-D. For most of my college life, I shared my 'soul' to two friends - May and Dexter, who eventually ended up with each other. Hehe... And, who stood as my Matron of Honor and Honor Attendant during my wedding. Well, the friendship remains despite time, distance, children, pounds lost and gained (mostly gained). Of course, there's also Thomas and Leslie, our eating and our "corny, old-fashionably boring and wholesome" outing buddies. Well, again, since I flew in, we had to meet... this time with children in tow. We had a potluck dinner at Thomas and Leslie's place where Tiffy shared her gazilion toys. Here we are about to go home for a souvenir photo :)

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Zharmagne said...

Its always fun to meet up with old friends....