Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RaNdOM ThOugHts on...

Passport Renewal... I had my passport renewed and I am VERY impressed with this on line service - www.passport.com.ph. They provide a stress-free, very efficient passport renewal method. You apply on line, choose dates for pick up and for personal appearance to the DFA. When you get to DFA, you're received by Teletech/Teleserve agents and are treated like some VIP with your own waiting area. It practically takes all of only 15 minutes for the wait, the stamping of your thumbs and your signature at DFA and then you're all set to brave the Manila traffic. I just got my passport today. Just as they had promised. So, for stress-free passport renewal, log on to www.passport.com.ph!

Passport Picture... While I am impressed with the site I just mentioned, I am utterly frustrated at why DFA imposed the rule of 'no smiling' on our passport pictures. I mean, don't we all look much prettier if we had a smile on our face? So, now, my passport picture has me looking like a school teacher. :(

Ayala Museum... Last Tuesday, a few MVC staff and I went to get some inspiration for our Ecclesiastical Museum. First stop was Ayala Museum, and my, am I proud that we have something like this! The museum was very well-maintained, technologically advanced and quite informative. I especially loved the essaying of Philippine History through the dioramas. Of course, the Amorsolo exhibit I reserve for the next paragraph. :)

Amorsolo's Women Exhibit in Ayala Museum... Just walking through the gallery of paintings by Fernando Amorsolo takes my breath away. Studying his painting, taking a closer look, I am whisked to a different time and place. His strokes are melodic. It seems like there is a rhythm, a music to his paintings. Sometimes, it isn't in the subject itself but the emotion that is so vivid in his work. It's magic. What a genius!

Bahay Tsinoy... A unique museum meant to bring about a deeper appreciation of our culture - the hybrid Tsinoy - descendants of local Chinese who know only of one country, the Philippines. Tsinoy... that's what I am, and so are countless Fil-Chi in the Philippines. We may be 'Chinese' but we're just as Filipino as the true-blooded Pinoys. The exhibit mentions heroes of Philippine history who were Chinese-Filipino. Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo, the martyrs Gomburza, and so many others. We're as much a part of shaping the country as our kayumanggi brothers and Philippines is OUR country. The 3D hologram on the 4th floor is a must see!

Boxing... This is our current form of exercise. My right ring finger is constantly sore but my, what a work out!

Well, that's it for now :) hehe...

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