Friday, May 09, 2008

Round Up for Week (May 3-May 9)

This week I call the Glutton Week. Here's why:

May 3 (Saturday):
Dad suddenly got called in for a sleep test in Medical City because a slot got freed up. So, Mom grabbed the opportunity for the earlier appointment... which meant we had to keep Dad awake the whole afternoon until he is tested for sleep at 8pm. So after Boydee and I swam with Bric, we trooped to Edsa Shang with Mom, Dad, Rielle, Rogan, Raine and Bric, of course, to 'enterain' and distract Dad from dozing off.

It was Bric's first carousel ride in Edsa Mall and he was scared at first. He wouldn't ride the horse nor would he let go of me. But when his cousins arrived, and a little warmed up, he chose to ride the horse but still wouldn't let me go. Sadly, we didn't have nice pictures for this :(

Dinner was at Crustasia beside ClawDaddy. It's now a Thai themed resto and wasn't so bad. I kinda lost my appetite though because Yaya Mila brought Bric around and weren't within my sight. The paranoid in me got me so tense. I just made himay the crabs for Boydee and Raine.

May 4 (Sunday):
Dad couldn't sleep last night with a cpap machine on his face. They had to give him sleeping pills which kept him groggy and sleepy the whole morning. We heard mass at 1030 in Dela Strada and had lunch at home.

I got bitin with my crabs the other night and was psyched at eating out on Sundays, I asked Boydee if we could eat out for dinner... which we did. And in Zensho. No crabs there but my, my... what a treat we had. Here's what our tummies digested: seafood fried rice, buttered shiitake, oysters teppan, steak teppan, assorted sashimi, 15 pieces of ebi tempura, cold noodles, clams in the shell, fish on a clam shell!, bean sprouts teppan, chicken teriyaki, asparagus and tofu teppan. All these between Boydee and me! Hehehe...

May 5 (Monday):
Monday being an office day is supposed to be gluttony-free but we had a scheduled Columbarium meeting that morning. I step inside our Board Room while Japa was listing down our lunch menu from Mr. Choi!!! Now who could resist Chinese?!!! (Well, Ate actually... hehe.. but not me, definitely!) So we had.. yang chow fried rice, hakao, chicken feet, fish fillet with garlic, tofu with mushrooms and minced meat, taiwan pechay, mushroom with lettuce and brocolli. Yummeee... :)

May 6 (Tuesday):
Ate and I shared a rotisserie chicken for lunch. I had on side of thigh, drumstick and wings while Ate had 2 sides of the breast. We gave the other half of the dark meat to Letty and Elma.

It was today when I recommended the 'termination' or the 'non renewal' of one of our newly-hired staff. Although she had shown some improvement after I had a one on one with her, her growth and either her mental capacity or lack of focus was a deterrent in doing her simple job well. Add to that her innate talent for finding excuses and answers for every issue, question or fault, whether valid or senseless, which is most often the case.

I hope she'll find work in a company better suited for her talents :) I wish her well.

That was not an appetite-inducing activity. No gorging out today.

May 7 (Wednesday):
1st Wednesday mass and Father Benny's a day late birthday celeb at the office. Since it was our suki and fave priest, Father Benny's birthday, we had a more than the usual lunch. That day, it consisted of: Spaghetti Carbonara, Chicken Flambe, Roast beef, creamy brocolli and cauliflower, steamed fish fillet, pork asado AND chocolate cake and Rocky road ice cream.

May 8 (Thursday):
Today is the twins' birthday and Rod arrived in the early morning from the States. Zhar planned for them to have breakfast. More details of this in Ate's blog. Suffice it to say, I had one major meal. Skipped lunch because we would be having dinner at Choi that night.

Mommy Nonie arrived today too for an overnight before she'd depart for SanFo the next day.

In Choi, we had hotpot, fish and tofu hotpot (yum!), rich man's fried rice, hakaw, siao long pao, sio mai, beef with pepper, birthday noodles for the birthday boy, roasted duck, fried taro duck, eggplant with minced meat (not yummy this one). For enders, I had white almond puree while the rest had taho. Stuffed was the word to describe us after dinner.

May 9 (Friday):
Brought Mom to Mamou for lunch and had the following: Batac Bolognese spaghetti, Roasted slab of steak with red steak rice and creamed spinach, cuban spiced pork and chicken with white steak rice. It may sound like a little but they came portions good for sharing. Their iced tea was flavored with anise for that bit of 'spice'. Good meal with Malou Fores adding that personal touch.

Dinner was here in LV for Rod's surprise party catered by Las Paellas. On the buffet spread were: Paella Valenciana, Roast pork, grilled blue marlin, thinly sliced roasted angus steak, vietnamese spring rolls, baked macaroni, calamares, canonigo and fresh fruit mix plus cakes coming from Rod's friends. Loved the mocha cake from Hizon's brought by Keri.

That was my week. Happy birthday to the twins Randy and Rodney! Happy Birthday to Father Benny! And belated Happy happy to Japing! (last week).

To sum up my week in one word: burrrpppppp!!!!

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