Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love in the City

Last night, the lonely duo (that's me and Lai) and our youngest sister, Zhar, watched the private showing of Sex and the City, thanks to an invitation by stylish, svelte and sweet friend, Grace Ang.

So we went, me and my sisters. Dinner was at Cafe Bola where I practically devoured my Parma ham mongo and crispy dilis rice meal; Lai, Rod and Zhar weren't able to even get a taste of the dish. Until now, I am still craving for another serving of that. I'll try to revive my other blog and write more extensively about Cafe Bola... which means, I need to go there for a second visit. Hehe... Excuses...

Over at cocktails before the movie where we had bite size servings of portobello mushroom canape and calamares by Sala, we got to talk about the TV Series. Among the 3 of us, I think it was Lai who watched most of the episodes. I, for one, having been 'brainwashed' (and thankful for it) by the nuns at Sacred Heart School-Girls wasn't really a huge fan of the tv series. For one, I thought it was a sin to even watch that because it had sex in the title. So, I would sneak to our TV room and pretend to scan channels on a Tuesday night at 10:00 (that was the schedule way back then), and 'just happen' to pass the HBO channel which was incidentally showing Sex and the City. Haha... After watching one episode not smoothly (I skipped channels every so often for fear of being caught watching what I thought was an x-rated tv series), I began to wonder why it was even called sex and the city. Sure, they talked about it and implied it, but I guess the censors did a good job of cutting the graphic scenes. Despite that, I didn't really change my sked to watch it.

When I got married, we had a collection of Sex and the City DVDs per season. I tried to watch one season but after 2 episodes, I kinda got "disgusted" at all the making out happening. It was just too much for me to watch the same girls with different boys and men. The Catholic in me couldn't swallow the liberalism of the series, where virginity was antiquated and sex was soo in. I didn't continue watching the dvds.

With my history of Sex and the City, I really wasn't expecting much from the movie. So imagine my surprise when even at the beginning, I was glued to the screen. Midway, I wanted to pee but I didn't because I might miss something funny, or heart breaking, or some quotable quote. The 3 of us laughed, sneakily wiped a tear or two, and related to the girls. It was a beautiful film that any woman who had ever been in love and who had ever experienced the joy of female friendship/bonding could relate to.

We are all a little part of any one or all of those characters in the movie. I'm Carrie for being the hopeless romantic; I'm Charlotte for being a prude; Miranda... for the brains (hehe... whew, a whiff of air there); and Samantha - well, I'm like Samantha when she had a big tummy. Hahaha...

It was a heartwarming movie with an "and they lived happily ever after" ending. (oops, did I just give the ending away? hehehe). In Sex and the City, there are happy endings, not because of the sex, but because there is love. When there is love that's pure and true, there will always be a happy ending.

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