Sunday, November 04, 2007

Off We Go

Tomorrow, off we go to the US to find more answers, to know the fate of our 2nd baby, to venture into an uncertainty. Here, we leave behind our son, Bric, in the care of family and his yaya Mila. Boydee and I take with us our faith, our families' love and prayers and each others' love and courage. We pray for His guidance and His unwavering and constant love and trust whatever is in store for us is with His blessing and is His divine will.

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events atbp. said...

bang! so sad to read about what happened. am so shocked because all seemed so well in cebu. hope you get positive answers. will include you guys in our prayers.

we are also undergoing some difficult times. my dad spent 2 weeks in the hospital and is suspected to have the big c in his pancreas. nothing conclusive yet but really a scary proposition.

to top it all off, his attending physician, his own older brother, died yesterday ... and having seen him daily and talking to him in my dad's hospital room, it was such a shocker.

don't know, things are all screwey sometimes. will pray for everyone, trusting there is a reason for all of this.

keep the faith and keep the smile to both you and boydee.