Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Promise You...

Looking at Bric's pictures when he was just born never fails to tug at my heartstrings. He was such a frail, helpless baby. He was a little boy but he brought with him so much love. I wish Boydee and I can be worthy caretakers of God's son.

I was inspired to write this poem today.

We promise to provide you with your needs
but shower you more with our love.
We promise to hear your words
but listen more to your thoughts.
We promise to watch your actions
but see more your heart.
We promise to teach you life’s lessons
but we will give you room to grow.
We will show you what is right
but allow you to make mistakes
so you can learn from them.
We will guide you however way we can
but we will let you choose your own path.

You are God’s gift to us as He entrusted you
in our care.
We won’t let Him down;
We will always love you, care for you,
protect you, nurture you,
raise you to be His friend.
All these we promise.


Rona said...

LOOOOOOVE the heartfelt poem, Bang! This should DEFINITELY go in Bric's album!

Pretty Woman said...

Awww... Bric is very fortunate to have a wonderful set of parents in KB and you.

Elizza said...

GREAT poem, bang! post your layout! :D